Wednesday, November 07, 2007

day seven :: WIP wednesday

Today is very definitely a Works In Progress day.

I have been cutting out felt for the past few evenings and now have piles to sew and piles to turn in to brooch making kits.

I like cutting out but this much in one go makes my arm ache!!

But today, at last, I feel as though I am making good progress for the craft fair. I have ordered in the supplies I need and hopefully I will see my stock pile growing every day!!

I found a couple of flickr groups that show off other crafty peep's craft fair displays... very good ...eye candy :-)


mollycupcakes said...

Well done honey your going to get there in the end. Everything will just come together.
I on the other hand am now panicking like mad and am up to my eyes in paint, pegs and the looming Christmas fair argh!
Tell me it will be ok, I need a bit of friendly chat.

catherine x

Unknown said...

I like to have a nosy at other people's craft stalls. Some people seem to just chuck everything out and hope for the best, whilst others spend so long fiddling about and making the perfect display that as soon as someone touches something it'll come crashing down!!!

picciolo said...

no wonder your arm is aching, you have cut out loads! and loads! everything looks great xxxx

Nonnie said...

Hello, I've just discovered your lovely blog and webshop. Your work is so cute! I'm also pleased to have discovered a great supplier of amazing felt colours as I find it so difficult to get hold of and use it quite a bit in my own work. I'm definitely going to take a better look at your shop later.

Racheal Miles said...

wow those are so cute.

Racheal x

lori marie said...

i thought those were die cut! you have such a steady hand:)

miss nia sent me a sweet package with some of your felt pears and i wanted to say thanks...they are lovely!

also, thanks for linking to my pretty little things.