Sunday, February 28, 2010

lovely new things

I've spent the day counting, packing, weighing & photographing lots of lovely new supplies for my shop...
in 5 colours ::
lots and lots of polka dot & gingham buttons
2 new colours of bulk buttons, brights.....
and see-through buttons ::
AND......GIANT polka dot buttons!

they really are quite ginormous!
I've stitched each one onto a card that I made on the computer ::


Saturday, February 27, 2010


this morning I found a delivery man on my doorstep with a very heavy box full of buttons!

I managed to get them to the workshop before work and snapped a couple of pictures, but it really was too dark!

tonight I'm counting and sorting and packaging so tomorrow I can take photos and get them on the website....I've got some new items that you are going to love!

Friday, February 26, 2010

pah! computers!

my website update yesterday morning turned into a bit of a disaster!
I somehow managed to change every single one of my picture links so when they were clicked they took viewers to the wrong pages!
it only(!) took an hour and a half to sort it least I had Footloose on the TV to keep me company....and at least I was able to sort out the mess I'd made on my day I'll get the hang of this website upkeep ;-)

The hexagon ornaments in the photos were ordered whilst I was moving workshops so have taken a little while longer than normal...I really enjoyed making them though and hope that their new owner likes them as much as I do.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

website wizardry

John's getting up for work really early at the moment and this morning I too was wide awake at 6.10am! That gave me a good 3 hours to spend on my website....I've re-jigged a few pages and changed a few photos in the supplies section ::
...and I've added an extra page or two to the buttons section (I've been busy ordering quite a few more buttons!) ::
all I have to do now is keep my eyes peeled for the postman!
***edited to add***
oops! it seems I messed up all the links on my website and when you clicked on pictures they took you to the wrong pages...I think it's all fixed now (fingers crossed!) thanks Justine & Claire for taking the time to let me know :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lots of halfway there's

items waiting to be sewn ::

thank you cards waiting to be folded & chopped ::

packages with new stationery for labelling my made items ::

I'm also halfway through a special order which I forgot to photograph, but hopefully it'll be finished tomorrow

Monday, February 22, 2010

some sewing

this blog has been more about furniture than crafts to even things up a bit here are some photos of orders that were finished this morning (before work at the day job) and have just been posted at the Post Office...
I made a bunch (haha) of fabric flowers and 18 owl ornaments
luckily I'd started some owls before the move (before I would even talk about the move in case I'd jinx it!) so it wasn't as big a task as it seems!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

unpacking :: finished!

supplies ::
each drawer has just 2 or 3 colours of felt in it for easy access when I'm cutting out
fabric ::
all neatly folded again!
...and looking rather yummy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the other room

John surprised me today by re-making my table!

which means my sewing room is all ready to be moved into...the sewing machines are all in position ::

and my materials corner is ready to be filled ::

in between all the moving and carrying and pretty-fy-ing I've been sewing special orders and the first is complete ::
8 giant cupcakes, I had fun making these :-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a half ta-dah!

today was started very slowly with aching muscles and a slightly twinge-y back (and a vow to never move again!) but after a good bath I was slightly springier and managed to get a lot done!
I'm back at the day job tomorrow so getting the Packing Room fully operational was at the top of the too do list, and you'll be glad to hear it's been busy and all orders have been wrapped, packed & posted.
the 6 Billy's are the legs for my packing table...we still need to iron the edging on the table top, but at least I have a table!

all the bigger shelves have items on them in some sort of order ::
and although it doesn't look quite finished it does mean I know where everything is again!

before the move I was running very low on felt and was itching to order, but I didn't want to move anything unnecessarily so I waited and the order arrived late yesterday ::

and a few hours later went from a pile on the desk....

into my new storage unit ::
The top three rows are 12" squares and the bottom two rows are 24" squares
I love how it looks!
which is more than can be said for the Making Room...all my vital supplies are at home in the lounge for evening sewing so it's not so urgent to get this room ready...
John has the task of re-making the giant table he made for me...and I have the task of unpacking the remaining 10 or so boxes!
still lots to do!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


after much heavy lifting the old workshop now looks like this ::
by 9.30am the van looked like this ::

Goodbye lovely old workshop and even lovelier old door ::

A lot of time was spent today carrying way too many heavy things today...John was a superstar removal guy and I truly couldn't have done it with out him...we're both absolutely knackered and enjoying a lazy evening with beer (john) and wine (me) and in a mo I'm about to crack open a wickedly chocolatey Waitrose Mississippi Mud Pie, well, we deserve it!
The fabric?
that's what I bought whilst shopping with my sister and niece...check out what they got on my sister's blog.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today was Ikea day...the big yellow truck arrived at 11am and after a little light *ahem* carrying I had a very familiar pile of brown boxes
I made a Billy and then started my own little Ikea production line ::
which fairly quickly turned into this row of shelves ::

next up was a matching pair for a unit I have already ::
the biggest task was a unit which will be storage for felt squares...I can't wait to fill it!
oh, and fabric shopping yesterday was FAB, photos of purchases tomorrow!
The van is booked for tomorrow and we're making a start at 8.30am so I should get a lot done ...I'll keep you updated ;-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


almost everything is moved!
all the shelves are emptied
the machines have had the cottons removed and are all ready to go
that box is full of empty boxes (for packing orders) the blue bag has 'kitchen' items and on the table is my box of DIY items...for last minute necessities
the only bit of colour left is this box of felt wouldn't fit in the car so it's waiting for a lift tomorrow.....
Today was the first of 5 days off work, and I've got a lot planned ::
Tonight John is cooking a roast and we've decided to spend Valentine's evening at home relaxing.
(I'm sure they'll be a little hand sewing too!)
Tomorrow I'm off to see my sister and go fabric shopping
Tuesday the Ikea truck is coming so I'll be making furniture
Wednesday the hire van will be moving all the furniture and machines from the old workshop (but John and I will be carrying them up the stairs!!)
Thursday I will be unpacking and arranging my new workshop :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


it's looking rather empty and sad!

there's still quite a bit to move....the packing table hasn't been packed yet and is still fully operational ::
as is the 'shop' ... they'll be the last things to pack and the first to set up
after work I'm going to the new workshop, armed with a hoover, so the Move In will start tonight!