Thursday, November 30, 2006

My big order is now complete.....

Wow, it feels like I have been gone from blogland for ages and ages!
I have had a big order to complete, which I posted today.
Take a look at the pictures and you'll see why I've been gone so long!
Pussy cats



and their tails!


An overly large Christmas Pudding

Trillions of cupcakes

My favourite, the monkeys :-)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Button shopping and birthday gifts

My brilliant sister knows how much I love paper and buttons and for my birthday she got me 25 sheets of paper!! Aren't they gorgeous? She also got me a box of buttons. 800 buttons all for me :-)
I have put them all in my button store

This is my button store. A really boring A5 box file.
That holds all these buttons!!
I made all the compartments from black felt and joined them all together and placed card in the bottom of each section to keep it flat. There is also card in between each layer.
Billions of baby buttons all for me................ :-)
This is an extension to my button store! This is the box the buttons from my sister came in and I have put all the buttons that I have handpicked from my local charity shop in it.

I always buy my old buttons from this charity shop, it has an amazing selection and I'm never disappointed. It's funny too because I always go on a Thursday (my day off) so I always see the same selection of volunteers and the lady behind the till always groans when she sees me because she knows she will have to count a lot of buttons!! She thinks I am a slightly mad button lady!! She is one of those people who seems really interested in what I do with the buttons and when I start to explain she glazes over and wonders who on earth would buy the things I make!! Don't you just love it!

Whilst at the said charity shop I saw a big basket of odd buttons on the floor and just had to have it (lady behind the till got very excited because with all these buttons in my hands I wouldn't have to go back for weeks!!) As you can see I haven't sorted it out yet but there are some lovely things in here!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Part three.......a birthday party

Sunday just gone was my niece's 4th birthday party. I made the cake and then took it to her house and we all iced it together!! Yum pink icing and chocolate cake is so great!!
We had pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the tail on the donkey, sleeping lions and musical bumps. My sister is a great birthday party organiser!! We actually had so many games to play that we ran out of time rather than things to do!!
I did make a cool birthday card but being the forgetful person that I am I didn't take a photo of it, but take my word for it it was cool!!

Part two ......Gorgeous gifts

I am so lucky! I have a lovely friend who every so often sends me surprise packages in the post. They always are beautifully wrapped and full of lovely things.....
The pic above shows some gorgeous dotty ribbon with a pretty cupcake card (look at the cherry stickers on the envelope.....soooooo cute!)Now I knew the above parcel was on it's way.....Described as ballerina monkey fabric and I have to say my imagination didn't do it justice......How cool is this!! I really love the monkey stamp too!! It's brushed cotton fabric and is destined to be a cushion (one for me and one for my niece) she was going to have one for her birthday but that has happened already so I'm thinking Christmas...

part must be Christmas.....

Here are a few pictures of Christmas Puddings and Christmas trees that are part of the large order I am making.....there are 60 trees and 60 puddings!!

I forgot to take a picture of all my lovey new red buttons but you can see them here if you look closely!!