Saturday, September 27, 2008

Holiday Freebie

I am officially on holiday :-)

This morning I had a haircut and went shopping for new make-up and pyjamas and I spent the afternoon putting holiday notices in my shops...I decided to leave them open so people can still order if they like, but I won't be posting any parcels until I'm back, which is 6th October!

Tonight John and I are off for a celebration dinner with a group of friends (3 birthdays in one week!) and then on to the comedy club in Brighton, and tomorrow we'll be packing and then driving down to Dorset....we're so excited :-)

I've decided to have a complete break and am not taking any sewing with me *gasp* but I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of sewing today, and I made a freebie prize ....

SO if you'd like to enter & try and win an owl brooch just leave a comment on this post ...I will pick a winner when I come home, so you have a whole week to enter.

See you later alligators!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obsessed with Brooches

After making the brooch for Mum's birthday I've become slightly obsessed with brooches.
(even though I REALLY dislike the word brooch! what a funny word it is!)

So this morning I surrounded myself with felt, ribbon, buttons, threads, pen and paper.

I sketched a few ideas that have been in my head for quite some time and then got sewing.

I completely enjoyed it and think I will be making many more.
Especially the owls. In many many colours :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

weekend fun

Seeing as this is a crafty blog I won't bore everybody with thousands of pictures of cars from our day at Goodwood....even though we had a fantastic time...

Yesterday we celebrated Mum's birthday (bet you can't guess which birthday we celebrated!!) We spent the day with the whole family at my sister's house and also went out for dinner...yum!

Tonight I plan to fit in a little sewing if I can.....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

holiday itch

This Saturday John and I are off to Goodwood and on Sunday we're all off to my sister's family home to celebrate Mum's birthday and the weekend after that we're celebrating our friends & my birthday in Brighton and THEN we're off on our holiday!

I'm beginning to feel like I really need a holiday and I've started to wind-down already.... I've been working very hard this year and am really looking forward to a whole week of relaxing.

I have started lots of different projects over the past week but haven't finished many of's the holiday itch, I can't concentrate!...but I did manage to finish these cupcakes and owls, and today I finally got round to photographing them and adding them to the website shop.
Is it too soon to pack my suitcase???

Monday, September 15, 2008


This weekend I received an email from a customer saying she had received her parcel and she loved the packaging so she took a photo.
And what a gorgeous photo it is too ::

and from the happy world of coincidences, you can look at this gorgeous photo and click here, here , here or here to buy your own little parcel of felty goodness!
Perfect timing, if I only I could plan things like that eh?
for more amazing pics check out notlikecatherinezeta's flickr

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I knew I would have fun when I opened the first box
all the colours are layed out in order
and I'm ready to make up a whole heap of mini-rainbow goodness :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

crossing off

Yesterday I managed to obliterate my to-do list!
I ordered packing supplies. I ordered more felt (should be here tomorrow!) I bought my accounts up to date. I tidied my supplies AND even managed some sewing :-)

I'm also sewing for a tip-top secret project at the moment ... normally when new projects come along I stop doing everything else and and concentrate on the new project, but I tried to be more organised with this new project and tried to split my sewing hours between all my seems to be working far! And hopefully everything will come together soon so I can spill the beans!

I had a fun yet busy day at work today window dressing, I themed it round Goodwood Revival because some of the clothes we sell are perfect for wearing there...John lent me some props from his car collection (not actual cars, but model cars, a steering wheel and some old Esso oil cans) and it looks fab!
Time now for a cup of coffee and a little 'window' shopping here ::

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

400 buttons

I have just weighed the buttons (not the pot, just the buttons!) and they weigh ::

which makes the winner ::
starry who said...
I guess 342! *crosses fingers*

Just one gram out, I couldn't believe that! amazing button weight guessing skills Starry, well done!
Thanks to everyone who entered a guess....definitely a fun giveaway!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

:: 400 ::

Today I received my parcel from Katy, I would have taken a photo of the parcel but I was too excited!!

Just look at all these robot goodies AND this handsome fella ::
She has completely spoiled me...thank you Katy...I'll say it again, you are truly the BEST swap partner EVER :-)
John is very taken with the robot pencil sharpener and I took some action shots of my wind-up robot walking with a pencil

SO much fun :-)
I'll take some photos in a better light tomorrow and put them on my flickr so you can all have a closer look, this miserable weather is hampering my photo taking!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

robots have landed

Now I know that Katy has received her parcel I can show what I made for :: Robot Swap 2008

a covered note book

with a book plate :-)
some robot fabric brooches
a robot card
and a robot tote bag
I Like Making Robot things :-)
Thank you Claire, this swap was ace!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

another chance to win free stuff!

My customer/friend/crafty peep Emma is hosting a challenge on her blog.

The challenge is to use some of Polly Craft's Designs and work within the theme of Fabric and come up with something amazing!
There are prizes from Polly Crafts (lots of them ) and a Make-Your-Own owl kit from me :-)

The perfect excuse to get crafting again after the summer holidays, don't you think?
*pictures have been swiped from Emma's blog!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Freebie competition time

Can you believe this is my 397th blog post???
that's a whole lot of crafting! (and a whole lot of reading too, thanks for sticking with me!)
In honour of my pending 400th post this months freebie is.....
a bumper parcel of 400 buttons!

I'm bored with the random number generator so in English Summer Fete tradition this will be a guess-the-weight competition...that's right, simply comment on here with your guess (in grams please) and the closest to the actual weight will win!
How much can 400 assorted buttons weigh?

Be sure to read the comments and make sure your guess is different to everyone else's guess please.
The winner will be announced next Wednesday (10th September) so there's plenty of time to make an educated guess.

small print
*one entry only, else I'll disqualify you ;-)
*ensure I can contact you via your comment
*check that your guess hasn't already been guessed, if it has yours won't count!
*winner will be announced on Wednesday 10th September
*try not to spend too long imagining what you could do with 400 buttons.....


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

aye Columbo!

I wondered if my busy spell was due to something out of my hands, and it was!
I have just browsed the treasury list on Etsy and seen my goodies in 4 seperate treasurys!

this one even reached the front page :-)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


My felt sales have been keeping me busy recently...lots of swatch cards, mini rainbows and felt pieces have been posted out, waiting to be turned into amazing things by my crafty customers.
So last night I was busy chopping felt into teeny squares so I could make more swatch cards, and tonight I have a custom order to tomorrow you might get a picture of something I have sewn !! LOL

Monday, September 01, 2008

thank you cards :: the making of

Take a pile of card

a bag of buttons

sew the buttons on and hey presto!

funky thank you cards for me to include with orders :-)