Wednesday, September 10, 2008

400 buttons

I have just weighed the buttons (not the pot, just the buttons!) and they weigh ::

which makes the winner ::
starry who said...
I guess 342! *crosses fingers*

Just one gram out, I couldn't believe that! amazing button weight guessing skills Starry, well done!
Thanks to everyone who entered a guess....definitely a fun giveaway!


Anonymous said...

hmmm! your buttons must be smaller than the ones i weighed! ;)

Amy said... sure really do keep your fingers crossed!!..ahhaa..anyway, congrats!..herm..sarah, am waiting for next month treat!

Anonymous said...

Well done Starry, lucky you to be able to play with all those buttons!!

Bagladee said...

Well done Starry, hope you craft something fab with them :) xx

Gillian said...

Congratulations Starry - I was way off! I'm so jealous of your new buttons!