Monday, June 29, 2015

A well deserved break

We've just got back from a mini holiday! John booked a last minute trip for us to the Isle Of Wight. We stayed at the Vintage Vacations campsite for 2 nights ...we arrived on the island late on Friday and got home to Dorset at 8pm tonight (Sunday) - it was a brilliant break that has recharged our batteries completely
 Wild Flowers at the IOW Garlic Farm
 one of the many bunnies who lived around the campsite - this brave little one liked to stay round our caravan so we gave him a carrot :-)

Impromptu holidays are the best!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Glittery Felt?

I've just unpacked a delivery of *new* glitter FELT.....It is like the glitter fabric BUT ON FELT!!!!
...can you tell I'm a bit excited???
 Fine Glitter Felt (small 15cm x 15cm £1) (large 30cm x 30cm £4)
Chunky Glitter Felt (small 15cm x 15cm £1.25) (large 30cm x 30cm £5)

On the website HERE

Thursday, June 18, 2015

15 NEW felt colours

that's right - we have 15 NEW felt colours in our premium wool blend felt!
 The original 45 colours all remain just as they are....
 ...and the NEW 15 colours look lovely alongside them :-)
Find it all by clicking HERE

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pop-Up Shop

Our Pop-Up Shop has expanded :-)
The space next to us became available so we now have twice as much room! 
We're very lucky because hardly any spaces have come back up for rent since it opened and when the one Right Next Door emptied we thought we'd go for it!
Ready for a gazillion photos?
standing in the new space looking at the original space
 the new space (to the left of our old space)
 the new space means we have tonnes more room for fabric - there are 400+ fat quarters on that table!
 felt corner has expanded
 and now there's a whole table full of buttons
 the giant 'dolls house' shrank a touch to fit the hang-display unit on the right hand side
 I hope this stays nice and tidy :-)
 We've still got some more stock to put in there and fill it out a bit more - I completely under-estimated quite how much stock we'd need to fill all the new space!
 I love how the whole building has been left un-touched ... crumbly walls and uneven floors - and I love the curved ceiling - it's like a cave :-)
 That big cream & black bit behind the Handmade display is the back of our cupboard (it's full of kits, you can see the pretty side in the 1st photo) and there will be something pretty covering that by the end of the day!!

 It took John and I four hours to set it all up - not bad going!  and because we were there for so long we got to meet some of our customers - one lady & gentleman had travelled from Sidmouth for a day out and thought they'd pop in and see the shop - hopefully they came back after their lunch and saw it looking a lot prettier than when they saw us mid-way through the set up and the whole lot was in boxes and a bit of a *mess* :-)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

hello Pearly

 Our Pearly buttons have been restocked!
 Some colours had run out and some were very very low, whic meant the drawers were looking a bit empty ...
 But now both sizes (small & large) have been filled up and the drawers are looking pretty again :-)
 Glorious :-)
The pearly buttons are on the website with all the other pick & mix buttons that are dyed to match our main felt colours - you can see them all here

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

it's coming ....

...the new felt colours are on their way!   Tiny samples of the final colours were posted to us so we could approve/change before the final dye .... and now they are all finalised I have been choosing threads to match :-)
eeeekkkk I'm excited to see them !!

Saturday, June 06, 2015

new ribbon extravaganza

SO many *new* ribbons, elastics, trims, bindings and ric rac have been added to the website :-)  phew! that was an epic website update marathon !!
ribbons/ trims/ ric rac can all be found here
elastics/bias bindings are here

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Die Cuts (and a freebie prize)

The Die-Cut section of my website has had a Make Over - and a MASSIVE make over it was too!!
I have die-cut a mountain of samples and that means, not only do we have a shiny new Die Cut section for you to be inspired by with new shapes and choice of fabrics but it also means that one (really very) lucky paper-and-string Facebook liker can win ALL OF THEM!!!!
To enter leave a comment ON THE DIE CUT POST pinned to the top of my FACEBOOK PAGE  telling me which die cut shape is your favourite (comments left on the blog won't be entered, sorry lovely blog readers - but it's really too complicated to combine all the comments so I have chosen FB as the host this time around)

The freebie runs until 9th June and the winner will be announced over on my Facebook page.
Postage to anywhere in the world is included- Good Luck!
Die Cuts on the Website HERE
my FaceBook page is HERE

Monday, June 01, 2015

I think I'm addicted.....

Tiny Hexagon Update :: 240 fabric hexagons have all been tacked to their papers :-)
It's a fun project to just pick up and sew when you have a few minutes - and because they are so tiny they don't take up any space at all!!  
I still have no idea what they will become .... but I'm thinking cushion rather than quilt ;-)