Tuesday, December 31, 2013

back log cleared!

I haven't worked much over Christmas - in fact I have been positively revelling in relaxing and sleeping more than normal - we visited both our families over Christmas and ate, drank and made Merry, a lovely lovely Christmas all round!....I hope yours was great too? 
I have however, managed to meet my goal of finishing all the accounts before 2014! from a messy stack in the corner that gradually grew week after week during the Christmas rush...
 ...to a lovely neat & tidy pile all just needing to be filed  ::

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A present for you!

Whilst we are shut for the holidays I thought it would be nice to offer each and every one of you a discount in my  shop*.  You can use the discount on anything in my shop - if you can add it to your shopping basket, you can have a discount on it!  (if you add handmade it will lengthen delivery times, just like normal)
There are tonnes of new items that I added over the past few days and all the old favourites too, the perfect time to stock up on all things felt-y :-)


for the website click here
*discount only applicable on my website, please see website for all the details

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Holidays

that's it - all our last minute parcels have been packed and are in the sacks waiting for Mr Postie to collect - I have extended all the delivery times in my shops (eBay, etsy, NotOnTheHighStreet) and the website has an announcement warning customers that we are now closed & will be back on January 6th 2014...I will still be in the workshop clearing the backlog of accounts for the next couple of days (which has in fact grown since I last showed the huge pile!!) come back and visit tomorrow because I have a little gift for you all :-)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

the fabric is listed

for all of you who asked (and all of you who didn't!) - the new fabric is on the website now...the Woodland Critters is my favourite - that Fox is Handsome!....
...but then I also love Colour Me Retro - I am very fickle and can't make up my mind which one is the best for me...Becky has picked and favours this one:
they (and the other designs) have  all been added to the What's New section which is here

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a table full of new...

 lots and lots of lovely deliveries have been arriving over the past few days
 lots of running low/ sold out items have been re-stocked
 and quite a few new things have crept in too !
 I have photographed and listed everything* and you can find it all on the website by clicking here
apart from the fabric, that'll be on there tomorrow, I forgot to take photos and when I remembered it was just to dark to do it!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Makes

 my last handmade orders were all sent out before the weekend....in plenty of time to add some Christmas Cuteness to quite a few more Christmas trees :-)  we're still in the workshop this week packing and sending out orders, I've placed some top up orders for sold out stocks and will get them added asap - we don't want any last minute craft panics for Christmas !!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

easiest question EVER

shall I:
A.  Make a start on my long neglected weekly accounts? aaarrrgghh I have a paperwork mountain in my office!
or shall I:
B.  Have a coffee and a biscuity treat?
please excuse the yellowed photos - it's dark and the lights are on! ... I did think I could retake them tomorrow in the daylight but ahem the biscuit won't be here that long!...the paperwork may still be there in 2014 though ;-)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Posting Details

there's still plenty of time to get your crafting goodies before we close for two weeks over Christmas & New Year - if you are anything like me I'm sure you will have a lot of crafting time over the holidays...I can't wait to have nothing to do but sew sew sew!

Friday, December 06, 2013

black brads are back in stock

a couple of weeks ago my brad supplier very suddenly stopped making black brads - it wasn't a huge panic because I always hold a lot of them in stock, but what with Christmas orders and my mammoth kit orders to fulfill they very very quickly ran out!
I have found a new supplier for 4.5mm brads (that's them, in the photo up there)...they aren't exactly the same as the old ones, but they are really really similar - apart from the price - the new ones are A LOT cheaper!!
the old brads were £3.50 for 50 of them and now they are in the shop for £3.25 for 100 - what a result!
 AND I have another size/style too!! 5mm flat brads, a little bit bigger and flat instead of domed, and these are just £3.75 for 100!
 the only bad news is that they don't come pre-counted...and I sell tonnes of these and can't count them all...so we will sell them by weight, which means that the odd imperfect one may well slip into the bag - but at such a bargain price I think that that's ok, don't you?
brads are back on the website HERE

Thursday, December 05, 2013

mammoth order #3 is finished!

 and the only thing bigger than the pile of boxes is the bags under our eyes!
 the last 400 snowmen kits were finished last night, that's them in the box up there
and they, and the many many other thousands of kits here will be topping up the shelves of John Lewis very soon indeed.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

surrounded by snowmen

mammoth order number 3 is *nearly* finished!  I'm just waiting for the postman to come and collect todays parcels and then I will be back in the kit making room, with John, to finish it off!...just another 400 kits to make!!!