Friday, November 30, 2012

it must be decorating time!

I love sending kits out and imagining all the Christmas trees up and down the country with a little bit of paper-and-string cuteness on them, although today I am mostly imagining fireplaces with Christmas Tree Garlands...9 were sent out today alone!
I do try to keep the stock shelves filled up but today I was tree-less and promptly whipped up a few more to make sure all the orders were sent on time, phew!
This last photo made me laugh - there I was thinking I was all on top of everything, happy to have all the orders made and sent out and look in the background - 2 trays with 2 weeks of accounts still to do, a pile of to-do things on the printer and another pile of to do things next to the printer!! oh well, paperwork can wait :-)

Thursday, November 29, 2012


 the workshop looked bright and cheery today after quite a few days of overcast miserable weather ... just look at the sun pouring in through my stacks of not-yet-rolled-but-nicely-cut-and-folded mini rolls!
Sadly, the downstairs entrance hall never looks cheery BUT it has now got it's very own Collection Point Barcode Sign *woo-hoo!*- I have finally  bitten the bullet and decided that I need my parcels collecting rather than carrying them myself (or rather John carrying them because they are too heavy for me!)  Sometimes John went by himself, sometimes we both had to carry & walk and sometimes we had to go in the car and park in the NCP to get them all there so I weighed up the time involved and costs etc and decided to have a daily collection - today is the 3rd day and it's marvellous! does seem a little crazy because it only takes 10 minutes to walk there but all in all a good decision made!
Oh and if you're wondering why the sacks are balanced on the stairs it's because Royal Mail charge more for collections from the 1st floor so I put them all in the hall just before they come and save a whopping £200-ish a year !!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

back to normal

things are all back to normal around here...all my shops are open again and today I sent huge sacks of parcels out to all you kind shoppers that still got your felt fixes whilst I was busy elsewhere!
The meetings went well...but as usual I can not spill the beans yet....soon though, soon!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

advance warning

just a quick note to let you know that I am briefly stopping sending out orders - don't panic though it's not for long! 
I've put my Etsy, Folksy, eBay and Not On The High Street shops into Holiday mode - even though I'm not going on holiday (ooh how I'd love a holiday!), just super-busy having out of the workshop meetings (which are all very exciting!...and which I will tell you about as soon as I can!)  I've managed to calender juggle and shoe horn them all into a couple of days so disruption will be kept to a minimum .
So if you'd like to order here's the plan:  orders placed BEFORE 5pm today will be sent tomorrow .... orders placed AFTER 5pm today will be posted on Tuesday 27th November (some may get posted on the Monday if I am back in time, but I can't promise, so lets keep it to Tuesday!)
Sorry for any inconvenience....Sarah x
PS I'll pop a little note on the website checkout to make it really clear :-)
PPS the photos are all the items I made over the weekend...on Saturday they were just little bits of uncut felt and by Sunday evening they were finished!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exciting News!

I've got Polka Dot Felt!!!
I am so excited about this felt - It's designed by me, magically reproduced on the computer by my clever sister, printed by a company who are experts at that kind of thing and expertly cut into squares by John - the perfect collaboration!
It arrived during the busiest week ever and I have been very impatient to get it listed and in the shop!  I love being able to offer unique products - it makes the items that you make out of them even more special.
*wOw* Just look at all those dots!
 In other shop news:  I have stocked up as much as I can on Jingle Bells - my supplier has sold out and once they are gone they are gone - anyone would think it was nearly Christmas!
Polka dot buttons have been re-stocked, and I have every colour again - including the hard-to-keep-in-stock Red!
AND I have new Pom Poms!  I love Pom poms and these new ones come in three delicious colour mixes
AND, as if that wasn't enough shop news in one day, I have reduced all my original 30% wool felt to super-bargain prices - definitely a good time to stock up your stash!
 - 12" squares were 75p, now 45p
- 24" squares were £2.75, now £1.75
- half metres of felt cut from the roll was £7.50 now £4.50
it can all be found in the sale section - please buy lots, I need more room in my stock room!
Quick Links
Polka Dot Felt click here
Pom Poms click here
Jingle Bells click here
Polka Dot Buttons click here
Bargain Sale Felt click here

Thursday, November 15, 2012

in love with a robin

Today my favourite make was the Robin.  I spent *ages* picking the buttons - it was great fun!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

stocking up

 It's been a full-on order packing day today 8.30am - now (it's now 5pm & I'm just about to go to the Post Office) but along the way I took some snaps of busy piles of crafty-things !! 
9" rainbows in the making ::
re-stocking the 12" squares ::
 and a few handmade pieces ::

Monday, November 12, 2012

deadline met

17 boxes of kits have been dispatched to John Lewis today.
There are a lot of large kits, oh-so many mini kits and many, many hours of hard work in these boxes.
This could not have been achieved without the hard work of John (boyfriend/kit maker/felt cutter/box packer/amazing man) me (I wasn't at home with my feet up!) and two willing friends who helped.  a lot.
hurrah for team work, hurrah for coffee and toasted cheese sandwiches and hurrah for John, he's the best!
Good Bye boxes, I hope you get there safely!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I missed you

Hello Blog,  I have so many millions of things to tell you, things you need to know so when I look back at you next year I'll remember this week, because this week has been phenomenal -  this week is officially the busiest week ever in paper-and-string history ... my to-do list has nearly self-combusted and I have little piles of 'things to do' all over the place - but Blog, remember this bit - This week has been the most fun week of working EvEr!
Oh, and next year, when I'm looking back you need to remind me that I didn't quite get everything done - tightly cropped photos of things on floors = no time for hoovering!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


... the ribbon winners have been picked by the random number machine ::
64 :: 171 :: 108 :: 57 :: 147
in numerical order .........

comment number 57
Anne said...
I would love to win, they are so pretty!!!
The christmas collection would be great for the handcrafting lessons i give in school. (we are going to sew a christmas tree!!)
With love Anne

comment number 64
  KatiW said...
Hello, yesterday I found your blog. Everything is so lovely.
Greetings Kasia

comment number 108
M'G said...
What shinny and cute packs you have!
I wish I'll win it all :P

comment number 147
Sara said...
Loving the ribbons. Super colours and patterns.
Fingers crossed. sara***gins*

comment number 171
peggy nickelson said...
Your creations are wonderful!
Your kindness is too!
Peggy in CA
Please can all 5 winners email their addresses to me (my email can be found in the contact me tab up the top there)
thanks for taking part - the blog will return to normal tomorrow!

Monday, November 05, 2012

monday making

the freebie is still open and the post can be found by clicking here
there's a lot of kit making going on around here - thousands of bags have been filled with fluff - hundreds of metres of ribbon have been cut into lengths - lots of little bags have lots of little brads/buttons/pom poms/bells in them - and in between I have done some sewing too!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

freebie day :: November 2012 :: ribbon gift packs

I started 2012 with the intention of hosting a freebie every month, but since the freebie extravaganza in August/September I stopped!  I'm blaming busy-ness and my birthday holiday and lack of freebie inspiration!!
Christmas Ribbon Pack #1
BUT today is the first Thursday of the month (officially paper-and-string freebie day!) and freebie inspiration has struck - hurrah!
 Polka Dot Ribbon Pack
For all new freebie-ers here are the rules and details you need to know:
Prize:  five winners will each win one of my ribbon gift packs - 5 prizes in total, prizes picked at random

Grosgrain Ribbon Pack
Rules: freebie opens today Thursday 1st November 2012 and will close Wednesday 7th November. (which is also the day I have to pay the next VAT!) winners will be announced on Wednesday 7th November
  Baker's Twine Pack
How to enter: leave one comment and one comment only on this very blog post
Winners: Five winners are each picked with the help of the random number generator machine.  
Christmas Ribbon Pack #2
Postage: I will post your prize for free wherever in the world you are!
Good Luck!!
and if you want to find out more about the ribbon packs just click here