Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exciting News!

I've got Polka Dot Felt!!!
I am so excited about this felt - It's designed by me, magically reproduced on the computer by my clever sister, printed by a company who are experts at that kind of thing and expertly cut into squares by John - the perfect collaboration!
It arrived during the busiest week ever and I have been very impatient to get it listed and in the shop!  I love being able to offer unique products - it makes the items that you make out of them even more special.
*wOw* Just look at all those dots!
 In other shop news:  I have stocked up as much as I can on Jingle Bells - my supplier has sold out and once they are gone they are gone - anyone would think it was nearly Christmas!
Polka dot buttons have been re-stocked, and I have every colour again - including the hard-to-keep-in-stock Red!
AND I have new Pom Poms!  I love Pom poms and these new ones come in three delicious colour mixes
AND, as if that wasn't enough shop news in one day, I have reduced all my original 30% wool felt to super-bargain prices - definitely a good time to stock up your stash!
 - 12" squares were 75p, now 45p
- 24" squares were £2.75, now £1.75
- half metres of felt cut from the roll was £7.50 now £4.50
it can all be found in the sale section - please buy lots, I need more room in my stock room!
Quick Links
Polka Dot Felt click here
Pom Poms click here
Jingle Bells click here
Polka Dot Buttons click here
Bargain Sale Felt click here


m said...

Omg!! I have been trying o source this for like ever! Just emailed you about a trade account. Hope o hear from you soon x

Freetime said...

ooooooh woooooow....i love polka felt!!!!!!!! ^^

Manu said...

OMG!!! What a wonderful world!!! =^__^=

LittleSunday said...

You seem to love your shoppy so much and being so enthousiastic!!! I love that to people!

Coisas de Feltro said...

Like, like, like!!!

Gaenor said...

You had me at Robin... that's what we called our younger daughter, and now I am a bit partial to all things Robin-y and yours is very lovely.