Friday, November 30, 2012

it must be decorating time!

I love sending kits out and imagining all the Christmas trees up and down the country with a little bit of paper-and-string cuteness on them, although today I am mostly imagining fireplaces with Christmas Tree Garlands...9 were sent out today alone!
I do try to keep the stock shelves filled up but today I was tree-less and promptly whipped up a few more to make sure all the orders were sent on time, phew!
This last photo made me laugh - there I was thinking I was all on top of everything, happy to have all the orders made and sent out and look in the background - 2 trays with 2 weeks of accounts still to do, a pile of to-do things on the printer and another pile of to do things next to the printer!! oh well, paperwork can wait :-)

1 comment:

Giorgia Rossini said...

a little hello from Italy, this is the garland I won, I prepared trees for my friends for this Christmas, they are too cute :)
thank you again