Sunday, September 30, 2007

a relaxing weekend

I've spent much of the past week trying to complete the order I am working on so not much to share really, which is why I haven't been around here much. I only have a couple of items left to do so the pressure is off :-) Such a nice feeling!

My great friend Nia sent me some pre-birthday goodies which put a great big smile on my face :-) Thanks Poppet ;-)

This morning I actually made a card ( I know!) It's for my Grandad who has been in hospital for a few days now and he's waiting for some horrid test results, so hopefully this will cheer him up a little.

He likes cats, and hopefully he'll like this one!!Stay tuned this week because October's freebie corresponds with my birthday, so it's guaranteed to be a good one!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

using craft fair purchases & packages arrive

I have spent most of my two days off working on an order, which I will show when it is all done and sent off.
In between I listed some of my items on eBay and my website (which is now looking a bit fuller)

I also managed to perfect my new fabric boxes ::

That's the medium sized one and the one below is bigger ::

and the secret to super smooth fitted lining? well, my answer was to also iron interfacing onto the lining. I think that may be cheating a little but it worked!

The big bucket box is actually big enough to hold 80 odd reels of cram cream tape, but alas not big enough to hold 120 reels....

That's right the cram cream tape arrived!!I have just this minute finished putting it on the
website so if you need a bit of cute eye-candy you know where to look!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

what a great craft fair

Yesterday was a fantastic day.
It was also my Mum's birthday...Happy Birthday Mum :-)

The craft fair was smaller than the last time we went but there were still lots of fantastic stalls.It was lovely and sunny and my sister made us all a picnic which we had on the lawn, thanks wonderful sister :-)and my favourite stall ??? the fabric stall of course !!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

from bags to boxes

On Wednesday when I made my new bag it gave me inspiration for making some different fabric boxes, I wonder what i'll come up with when I'm sewing these !!My previous boxes were square and hand sewn and these are round and machine sewn. If you peer closely (not recommended) you can see how lumpy and ill-fitting the lining is...I have a plan to correct this and I'll show you soon, whether it works or not !!

I find that when I have a new idea I want to just make it as fast as possible and see what take two will be made with more precision and a little less speed :-)

Tomorrow I am off to a BIG craft fair with my sister and my neice, it's at Sandown Racecourse in Esher and I'd recommend a trip if you are near...I went in January and it was full of stalls selling craft supplies and hopefully this time it will be even fuller :-)

Friday, September 21, 2007

changing weather...changing wardrobe

I love the sun and the bright cheery weather it brings BUT I don't like it too hot. This time of year is perfect for me, sunny and cheerful but with a slight nip in the air and now the weather has changed my wardrobe needs updating.
So on Wednesday I made myself a new every-day bag

It has room for everything necessary and it holds it's shape quite nicely (thanks to the interfacing)John took this picture....the bag is empty here and it's my *gasp* hip/leg making the dent in it BUT I am wearing my new Monsoon work trousers and new thin black jumper :-) A close up of the bag because I love how the Amy Butler fabric looks. It's been used for 2 days now so it has a kind of worn look to it, but I like it!!

Making this bag has also inspired me to make something else and hopefully I will make that this evening......

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It's official. My felt goodies are cute !!!

Check it out here :: official cute stuffs!

yippee !!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I love patterns

Quite a few pictures today of some new ideas I've been playing with.

I am really loving that I can add my favourite fabric prints onto my felt goodies.

When I started to play with the idea it made me wonder why I hadn't though of it before, but I'm glad I have now !!

It's so much fun, time consuming (as is all I do) but great fun :-) and I think the results are very cheerful and cheerful I like!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

fabric + cute = a good day :-)

The mushrooms have been completed, after spending so long making orders it's a treat to be making new things. (not that I'm ignoring my other orders, but you know what I mean!)

Ali pointed out the other day that my freebie giving karma must be quite high and guess what? she was right! Take a look at this ::
oooohhhh a pile of fabric charm packs that I won on a blog give-away :-) don't they look neat!!I won 5 moda charm packs from a guilty blogger(who hasn't been a guilty blogger every now and then?)The blog goes hand in hand with my favourite fabric shop and I am so lucky I won :-)

somehow my monkey fondness was discovered (is it obvious then?) and look, look,look....I chose one favourite from each pack (this show and tell could have gone on all day otherwise!)

I can't wait to start using them, I'm a lucky girl aren't I?

Friday, September 14, 2007

wanna meet some fun guys?


sorry couldn't resist!

my current project in the making, a whole field of mushrooms :-)
I'm also working on another order, lots of different designs this time so soon I'll have lots to show!
short and sweet today, have lovely weekends xxx

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's here, woo-hoo!

7.15am :: parcel delivered

7.16am :: realised I needed scissors to open it

7.17am where the *heck* are the scissors

7.18am 'ohmigod ohmigod john look'

7.19 'look at this one' 'ooooh and this one'

7.25am 'ooohhhhh what a cool colour'

I think you can guess that I was excited! LOL!

So today I spent the day turning this ::

Into This ::

to stick on these ::

to send to you :-)

All requested swatches were sent today so expect them soon.
Along with all the new colours I also ordered new sizes! So felt is now by the metre as before OR in 9" squares. I need to update the shop and will do that in a minute...

but first, if you're not actually that bothered about buying felt then you can look at this mushroom cutie and ignore the rest of the post!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday ramblings

I've got lots of little bits to share today so if I go off on a tangent please forgive me!

First up :: remember how much I love my moo cards? well my friend Nia has sent me some moo stickers starring the gorgeous Cecil...thanks Nia, they are so cool, I love them :-)
Cecil is such a dude :-)

My sister has taken the big step into the world of etsy and opened her own shop which is called

She is a very clever sister who creates some wonderful pieces of art.

A friend of mine has just

started her own blog,

about time too I say! I met her through this very blog and our mutual admiration for felt and ribbon (and bad tv detectives) has lead to a lot of laughs :-) She makes some fantastic felt softies called merrylegs :: look at this cheerful chap !

Whilst my freebie was running I was nominated for a blog award! Monkee Maker nominated me for this ::

yay! I'm officially a dude! lol !

hhhmmmm what else?....the new felt will be here this week so if you would like a new swatch card send me an email and I'll add you to the list.

.....that's all for now see you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

winners all round

Today is the end of the freebie, I couldn't face writing and cutting and folding 42 different slips of paper so I used a random number generator I found via google.

There were 42 comments all together (that's some serious monkey love) and the numbers it picked were ::

number 40 wins the monkey :: number 16 felt and ribbon cupcakes :: number 15 fabric cupcakes.

oh, wait you don't know who that is do you ! lol

it's very high tech, the first comment is number one and the last is 42, but before you go counting comments, I've already done it!!

40= Sharon :: 16=greeting arts :: 15=monkee maker

yay! well done to you, please email me your addresses, even if you think i already have them because I'm not organised like that!!

Sorry to all you non-winners but here are some funny photos to cheer you up! I won a freebie over at picture it in stitches which arrived this week, such a fantastic prize...everything I needed to learn needle felting

and I have been having a little play :: first attempt was a cupcake, hhhmmmmthen I made this :: it hasn't been decided if he is a monster or a carrot, hahahaha :-)and this was going to be a blue monkey but it looks more like a koala so I'm going with's so much fun! If you haven't tried needle felting I highly recommend it, just be warned - the needle hurts !!

Today I finally managed to update my eBay and website shops and place an order for new felt in gorgeous colours. I will have 25 colours in total instead of 14 and I'll be sure to let you know when it's here :-)