Saturday, September 22, 2007

from bags to boxes

On Wednesday when I made my new bag it gave me inspiration for making some different fabric boxes, I wonder what i'll come up with when I'm sewing these !!My previous boxes were square and hand sewn and these are round and machine sewn. If you peer closely (not recommended) you can see how lumpy and ill-fitting the lining is...I have a plan to correct this and I'll show you soon, whether it works or not !!

I find that when I have a new idea I want to just make it as fast as possible and see what take two will be made with more precision and a little less speed :-)

Tomorrow I am off to a BIG craft fair with my sister and my neice, it's at Sandown Racecourse in Esher and I'd recommend a trip if you are near...I went in January and it was full of stalls selling craft supplies and hopefully this time it will be even fuller :-)


pinkgreen said...

Your box looks lovely. I hate it when linings don't fit perfectly (and mine never do). If you have a top tip I'd love to hear it. Hope the craft fair was a success.
Best wishes
Cathy X

mollycupcakes said...

Cute little boxes, I have some fabric sqaure ones and I love them. Will you be making any more in different fabric? I'm after dotty ones, pink or white or green.
Yours are just gorgeous honey.
Good luck at the craft fair hope you find lots.

Catherine x

My Paper World said...

You are so clever, I love your little boxes, the fabric is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

These are super, love your use of fabric. Haven't been to the craft fair at Sandown but used to go to a model exhibition there with my Uncle who used to fly those model planes. It is a great venue. (I would by far prefer the craft fair now)