Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday ramblings

I've got lots of little bits to share today so if I go off on a tangent please forgive me!

First up :: remember how much I love my moo cards? well my friend Nia has sent me some moo stickers starring the gorgeous Cecil...thanks Nia, they are so cool, I love them :-)
Cecil is such a dude :-)

My sister has taken the big step into the world of etsy and opened her own shop which is called

She is a very clever sister who creates some wonderful pieces of art.

A friend of mine has just

started her own blog,

about time too I say! I met her through this very blog and our mutual admiration for felt and ribbon (and bad tv detectives) has lead to a lot of laughs :-) She makes some fantastic felt softies called merrylegs :: look at this cheerful chap !

Whilst my freebie was running I was nominated for a blog award! Monkee Maker nominated me for this ::

yay! I'm officially a dude! lol !

hhhmmmm what else?....the new felt will be here this week so if you would like a new swatch card send me an email and I'll add you to the list.

.....that's all for now see you tomorrow.


My Paper World said...

Well it certainly looks like creativity runs in your family! Your sisters art looks fab! Love your stickers too! Lucky you!

Unknown said...

Well christmas is now sorted for my hard to buy for friend...thank you sarah's sister!!!!

And thank you for the link to that fabulous blog (oh, it's mine?!, hee hee hee!!!). I'm off to watch CSI Miami (that I have taped and saved for an emergency such as now!) and I will celebrate with sewing and tea, hooray! :-D
ps V.V.V jealous of those stickers!

monda-loves said...

hello hello
please send me a new felt swatch card - you have my address i think :o)
I've still been popping by your blog for a quick read even if I've been a bit quiet on the comments front. Loving your sisters work, in fact, I'm off to etsy now to have a look.


Monkee Maker said...

You are indeed and dude .... or should that be dudette?

And thanks for the links to your sister and friend ..... sigh - now I'll never get off this pc and on with the housework (hurrah!)

Blooming Felt said...

Wow - LOVE your sister's pictures !! And she's sold some already !! Me thinks I need to open an etsy shop too :0) Sarah x