Friday, February 12, 2016

pop-up shop udate

The center that our pop up shop is in is now open for 7 days a week again - which meant it was time for a change around and a spring clean :-)
 The stocks quite low at the moment because it's been quiet over Winter but we'll soon be jam packed and squeezing it all in again!
 Sorry the photos are so yellow - it's the strip lights that do that :-)
 I'm not sure how long the ribbons will stay this neat and tidy...but they looked pretty when I left ;-)
our shop is in The Customs House, West Bay, Dorset
their Facebook is here

Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's finished!

 *toot*toot*toot* [that's a fanfare]
I finished my cross stitch cushion ... the final stitch was stitched late last night and I rushed home today to take photos before the light disappeared completely. I need to buy a cushion pad and then it will be complete

Friday, February 05, 2016


 I pre-ordered these kits a while back - and they were delivered here yesterday afternoon, which caused much excitement and then much indecision...I knew I wanted to sew one (at least!) but which one???
 My choice was narrowed slightly because I sent a panda kit to my neice (she loves pandas and sewing!) and I *finally* finally settled on sewing the Cat Dog Lion!
 All the kits make a cushion....the base material is felt (yay!) punched with a grid of holes to cross stitch through...the wools are lovely to use and the grid/pattern is easy to follow ... I stitched all of this in one evening!!
I think it will take me a while to finish but it looks lovely already!
The kits are £32.50 each and can all be found here:

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

my NEW favourite ribbon

look at my new velvet ribbon with gold dots - I LOVE it
 it comes in four colours
 coral, black, white & teal
 it's 9mm wide
 sold by the metre (£1.25)

and I LOVE it :-)
it's here:  velvet ribbon with dots

Monday, February 01, 2016

hello pussy cat

 It's taken awhile for our new Florence and the Fox cat to find a home in the workshop - her bottom is too big for my shelves-of-crafty-wonderment, but she's right at home, having a nap on the fabric mountains- and she's the only 'creature' to get near the fabric - no real cats allowed!!