Sunday, March 22, 2015

ribbon new-ness

 I've added 3 new colours to our pencil stripe selection (grey, pale pink & black)
 and burgundy, bright blue & purple to our ginghams
 narrow satin stitch is a new design - available in 4 colours - it's just 3mm wide so it's great for using as hanging loops
 and I went mad on satin micro dots and got them in a whole rainbow of colours!
 which means my ribbon shelf is looking pretty full right now ;-)
all new ribbons are on the website here

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I made a lampshade!

 We've got new kits - and I made one of them today :-)
Lampshade kits come in 3 sizes -  everything you need is in the box - apart from the actual Lampshade Material, you get to choose whatever fabric/material you wish (fabric, felt, wallpaper)  I used some of our new Hello Bear fabric and I love it :-)
if you would like to make your own lampshade too you can find the kits on the website here

Thursday, March 12, 2015

hello bear

our newest fabric delivery is a rather more grown up range of cute fabrics....'s called Hello Bear, and is by a fabric company called Art Gallery.
 The lead fabric has bears, foxes, deers, owls & racoons and it comes on grey or aqua...
 ...the complimentary fabrics include stag heads
 ...and geometrics
 It really is a very gorgeous collection.  I hope you all like it too?
 Oh, and look!  I have found the perfect place to keep it ;-)
 Hello Bear fabrics can be found on the website here

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I made that!

After all the orders were finished today I had an hour or so to do 'other things'
Should I do some accounts?
Should I photograph and list some new stock?
Should I tidy up?
Should I make something?
 Inspired by the new fur fabric I made a cloud cushion!  It's double sided - the fluffy side is Cuddle Soft fur fabric...
 ...and the other side is Flannel fabric.
It's so squishy and cuddly - and most of all making it was FUN!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

new fake fur

 it's just got a lot fluffier around here!
It's hard to show just how soft these are in photographs...
 ...but if you were here you would have cuddled these little bundles of loveliness too!
all *new* 100% polyester fur is on the website HERE

Saturday, March 07, 2015

I Love Corduroy

why do I love Corduroy? well....
It's warm.... 
It's cosy....
It's stroke able....
...and now it's also very cute indeed!
 Corduroy MONSTERS and ROBOTS can be found by clicking HERE

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The 1st of the NEW

The first of the New Products is on the website!
I have a new fabric supplier - and the first of the new designs I ordered from them is this FAB Easter Egg design - aren't the colours gorgeous?
These fabrics are wider than my other fabrics - the normal quilters cotton width is 45" and these are 54".....
....and the price point is lower - just £2.75 a Fat Quarter! click HERE to see them
There will be more from this fabric company very soon indeed :-)

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

March Madness

 Lots of you have already snapped up some of our fabric bargains.....this is one lovely order (well, the fabric part of the order) that went out today: 
 My Ta Dot shade card came in very handy at the cutting table today - the colours have all got crazy names and I can't ever remember them, but the card helps loads!
 All our cotton fabrics are currently reduced from £3.25 to £2 a fat quarter (£6.50 to £4 a half metre) click HERE to see them on the website

Sunday, March 01, 2015

March Madness

March Madness has started!
Let me tell you what it's all about....
Mini Roll Offer
last year we did a Mini Roll offer and you loved it, so we're doing it again - premium wool blend felt Mini Rolls (30cm x 180cm) are a special offer £2.50 instead of £3 each
Fabric Sale
Every single fabric we stock has been reduced - they are all just £2 a fat quarter* (that's just £8 a metre!) time to fill your shelves ... and empty mine so I can fit new fabrics in ;-) *except the flannel & tilda fabrics
Reduced Ribbons
Selected ribbons have been marked down
Bargain Buttons
Our FANTABULOUS range of dyed-to-match-our-felt-colours buttons are now £2 per 100g, reduced from £2.50
New Stock
I've ordered a lot of new stock (it was the pesky Trade Fair that made me do it!)  and I know it frustrates a lot of you when I add new things when you have just ordered - but I can't help it right now...during March there will be a LOT of new stock added....but....
Save on Postage
there's a special code to reduce your total bill by £2.50 (same as our standard UK p&p charge) for every order that's £25 or more, so if you keep being tempted at least you won't be paying lots of postage!!  The code is MARCHMADNESS
see?  I told you it was March Madness!!
to read all about it on the website please click here

small print:
March Madness is only offered through my website.

Special offer & sale prices are valid throughout the entire month of march 2015 - whilst stocks last.

£2.50 off orders of £25 or more is equivalent to free UK standard postage, upgraded postage options and oversees customer's orders can still be discounted by £2.50to reduce the overall postage cost.

Loyalty Card stickers WILL NOT be awarded to any March Madness orders.  (If you order non-offer items and do not use the postage discount code then you will have stickers awarded as normal)