Monday, June 19, 2006

So i posted my first post and looked at it in situ, and it looked dull !!! are some pics of things i have made recently that are already saved to my computer... oh well the photo is in a different place to where i thought it would go, maybe I will fix that in time! This pic is of a really tiny handbag, 1" x 2", to use as a card topper, I made loads of different toppers and sold them at a craft fair last month
(thats the photo at the top!) not good photos but i'm only practising!
This is my first ever posting on my blog site! I am so excited, after reading many wonderful blogs for weeks and weeks I am finally taking the plunge and creating my own.
I will use this blog to have a home for all my creative projects, the real life ones and the ones I daydream about!
I hope i will inspire (myself and others), be productive and make a whole lot of laughter (for myself and others!)