Monday, September 07, 2015


I Love Baker's Twine.
It's great for all sorts of crafts...
and it comes in so many colours you can always find just what you need for a certain project
 the two tones are fabulous for adding a touch of colour

and the metallics add some sparkle :-)
all the twine can be seen here

Sunday, September 06, 2015

I've been shopping!

Lots & lots of stock has arrived and I'm slowly unpacking, photographing and listing everything on the website....the first thing to arrive was a gingerbreadman die - and WOW did that slow down progress for a while!  I cut out a few to sew together and got Slightly Addicted to making Gingerbread Men Decorations....14 so far!
  these are BIG ginger's: 14cm tall x 11cm wide
 I used one of new felt colours for these: Mocha
but they are available in any colour you wish
 the die cuts cost 25p per piece (you need 2 to make a decoration) and the price gets lower the more you buy, which is a good thing because once you've made one you'll want to make more (and more!)
 You can see the listing on the website by clicking here but don't say I didn't warn you - you'll have your very own gingerbread man army in your craft room in no time at all :-)