Monday, May 31, 2010

thank you :-)

just a quick update on the last post....
Firstly I reported the listing to etsy (no response as yet) and I convo'd the seller with a simple message that stated my report to etsy. The seller removed the listing almost immediately and sent this response ::

You're right, I don't even remember when I did that, and I had always meant to take one myself, and just forgot. I removed it, and will retake a picture with my own stack, which honestly will look extremely similar.All I can do is apologize for being so lazy not to take my own picture.
I think I googled felt stack, and that picture came up. I used it, and like I said, just never bothered to change it. I didn't realize it was even from an Etsian, not that, that makes it right or any better. Shame on me.

later on I received this (I didn't send any reply to the previous convo)

I have removed your picture, and will delete it from my computer altogether. I actually took some quick pics of my own for now. Again I apologize, and I feel very embarrassed because of this whole thing.S.K.

I'm glad this seller could be bothered to actually take some pictures of her own FOR NOW!!!
(you can see that this sellers response actually annoyed me as much as the picture stealing!!)

I have to say I uummed and aaahed for quite some time about posting all of this, my gut feeling was to deal with this 'in house' and not blog it at all but then I decided to go with the ethos of this blog...anything that effects paper-and-string gets written about, simple as that.

I have to say (if you're still reading!) that I was so heartened by all the fab comments and private emails I received from you all, it was so great to not feel isolated and to feel the annoyance from you all on my behalf, and, more importantly, on behalf of the etsy/blog/craft community.
Thank you blog friends xxx

PS I've been busy cupcaking today and will have happy, colourful photos to share tomorrow :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am SO angry!
look at this photo ::

this is my photo, taken in my lounge on my dodgy pink carpet.....
and this is MY photo being used by another etsy seller to sell felt!!
(first link goes to seller, second link to the item listing)

they've cropped it but I can still see dodgy pink carpet!!
I'm wondering if they actually have any felt to sell...or any scruples at all!!
I have reported this seller to etsy and sent a convo...I'll keep you posted on the progress!
listing has been removed but older, sold listings are still there, just like this one

secret project

I'm beavering away on my next blog freebie (freebie day is Thursday 3rd June) and want to share what I'm working on, but don't want to spill the beans just all I have is a sneaky peek!

...lots of printing, cutting & folding going on around here!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

a day of little jobs

This week I have had 2 days off the day job in a row! (yesterday & today) and today I finished off many little jobs ::

counted & bagged findings

kits all packed
tidied my deco-tape storage which made room for....

a shelf of handmade goodness
I re-homed my happy trees and they are now sitting in a row smiling at me whilst I'm packing orders!
I tidied away an order of packaging materials...lots of flat pack boxes + some tissue and paper bags
and I tied ribbon on the rainbows I made yesterday.
I've also been working on next weeks freebie and it's nearly ready, but of course I can't show you that yet!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sofa & rainbows

here's the sofa I made* yesterday!

I've been to town and borrowed the way expensive-o Sanderson fabric book and have fallen for the design you can see...and, shock horror, John likes it too!!
The sofa is super comfy and I love the texture of the fabric :-)
Today, in the workshop I made rainbows...sadly there were no pots of gold lurking around (that would have taken care of the curtains!!)
* it's a diy sofa from Ikea....but I still put it together all by myself :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what i was making today

Today we had a sofa delivered from Ikea. John was there to let them in whilst I was at the day job. I arrived home to this ::
a sofa in pieces!! First I needed to finish packing orders, go to the Post Office and then Waitrose before I could start to unpack!
It took an hour to put together but by then it was too dark to photograph...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

storage galore

all stitched and finished

piles of storage boxes in felt

and in pretty fabrics too!
They've all been busy modelling for photos and can be found here :: storage

Saturday, May 22, 2010

bright & early

I managed to grab some sewing time in the workshop this morning before going to work the day job......It's 430pm as I type and I have just arrived home & thought I'd blog and read some blogs before I go back to the workshop for more sewing....I made the plum owl box this morning & I have a small pile of 4 more left to make!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

new storage boxes

yesterday I spent a long time with my sewing machine making these boxes
I've got a few left to sew up and then I shall show you some better photos

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how not to window shop

On Sunday evening I was browsing through the new fabric on Fabric Rehab, just window shopping...not planning on buying anything....saying to myself "I will NOT buy 1 single Fat Quarter"
...and I was true to my word...I bought the equivalent of 16 FQ's!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I received an email the other day and it makes me smile so much .... this is most of what it said ::
Hello!My name is Molly and I work in a children's library in Massachusetts, USA. I teach a sewing class for kids ages 7-12, and we recently were inspired by your penguin design! The kids did such a great job, and I wanted to share with you what they made!Thank you for the inspiration!-Molly

aren't they cute penguins ?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

made part 2

A lot of turquoise & pink today ::

A couple of tortoise brooches, I'm on my 5th attempt at brooch packaging...finally I am happy with it :-)
and another needle case has been added to the collection ::
I've also been spending lots of time on my wholesale website and *hopefully* will be able to share it with you all soon.

Friday, May 14, 2010


two new needle cases

bight and cheerful pink hexagon
and cute as a button pussy cat

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

zooming in

the tray is chock-a-block today!

with an accounts-doing tool & anti-hay fever drugs!

a pile of brooch packaging in the making ::

a pile of brooches waiting to be sewn ::

and a pile of needle books half done ::

plus a pile of finished items
AND a tidy sewing box!
complete with some newly made little boxes to hold all my goodies
Today is my dad's birthday.....Happy Birthday Dad, I love you xxx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

winners & a little something else

148 entries this month....good luck everyone......
mr. random number generator has picked 3 winners...comment numbers 52, 60 & 40
the people who left those comments are ::
52 :: Kathia said...
They are so lovely!!!!
60 :: Isa Dantas - Feltrolândia said...
I loved the new cupcake design!Isa DantasSão Paulo - Brazilis***
40 :: Closet Writer said...
mmmmmmm...almost edible!!
well done to the winners...I will email you all today so I can get your address and post your prizes to you :-)
oh, and for all that kindly asked Yes, they are on my website, Key rings are here and Brooches are here!
John and I went away this weekend for a Swedish themed car show (John is a Saab fanatic!)

(2nd from the left is John's current Saab)
On the way home we popped into Hobbycraft and I bought LOTS of polka dot felt...

...especially for all my blog readers who find it hard to get!
It costs 85p at Hobbycraft and I am selling it for 85p's on my website here (scroll down to the bottom) and when it's all gone that's it I'm afraid!
***added at 5.20pm***
all the polka dot felt has gone already!
sorry if you missed out

Thursday, May 06, 2010

May 2010 Freebie

ooohhh I'm a little late posting this....after work I had a flurry of orders to get packed and posted, then a walk to the polling station to cast my vote followed by a food shop on the way home!

Over the past few days I have re-worked my cupcake design and made it a little smaller and a little plumper...the perfect size for brooches and key rings...

For this months freebie I would like to offer 3 prizes...each prize will consist of a keyring & a brooch...I hope you like the new designs & colours?

all the prizes will be packaged on my new packaging cards
As usual all you need to do to join in the fun is leave a comment on this post
here are the rules ::
1. I absolutely MUST be able to contact you via your comment
2. you must enter before the end of next Tuesday (11th May)
3. one entry only please
Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

wednesday tour

Today was very unusual because I managed to spend almost all of it in the sewing half of my workshop. I really haven't spent that much time in there recently...most of my workshop time has been spent in the stock room half, picking & packing orders and preparing stock for sale.

I found it quite hard to get started...I had a million and one things I wanted to make so narrowing it down to a manageable amount was I started by taking photos for this blog so I could clear my head a bit!

the first 2 photos are of my desk and supplies area...I want a little stool with wheels on it next time I go to Ikea!

next to the desk is my overlocker & trusty sewing machine (if I had the stool with wheels I could just scoot along to these!)

then the ironing board...complete with dangling rags which I use when ironing bondaweb...I get the glue everywhere otherwise!
On the other side of the room is my fabric area ::

and cutting table

and by the end of today it looked like this with lots of cutting out all lined up waiting to be sewn

in the farthest corner is this bike

it has just been recovered from the depths of the garage and has been cleaned up and used twice (not bad, it's only been in action since Monday!)

and through the window looking into the stock room?
well that would be a freebie or two sitting on my photo table (it's not the pinboard & drawing pins, that's just there trying to get in on the action)
I hope you enjoyed my sewing room tour ~ see you tomorrow for Freebie Day!