Monday, May 03, 2010

catch up

phew I have had a busy few days!

at the day job the Big Boss has left, meaning lots of work to get done before his last day + lots of work to do for the newbie boss too. On top of all the extra work the shop itself was super busy so I was knackered!

John and I took the decision to take yesterday off. We don't often do that, we both work for ourselves (in between the day jobs) so days off normally mean extra time to work on sewing & cars.

So yesterday we drove into the countryside & found a nice pub that did breakfast and (lots of )coffee and sat and chatted and ate and chatted some more, it was raining hard so we couldn't go for a walk or anything but it was very relaxing anyway :-)

In the afternoon we watched some TV (Columbo of course!) John napped, I did a little sewing of flower drawing pins & a notebook, and made some more Thank You cards (I'm not very good at having a day off!) ... we cooked a lovely dinner and all in all it was a fantastic day!
Today? John is busy with cars, and I'm busy with sewing :-)


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Glad you had a nice day off (even if it didn't entail no sewing at all!!) :D You make lovely things!
Lucy xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for catch up - was beginning to miss my felt-fix! glad you and John had a relaxed(!?) day.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Angelina from Malaysia. Paper-and-string is a great inspiration to me. Not only your crafts but also your life. (now I sound like a stalker! lol)

Good Job. Have a great day :)

Justine said...

Hi Sarah, sounds like a good day! Mr.G and myself did the same on Thurs we dropped kids with childminder so she could take them to school and we popped off to Alton Towers for the day! We were like a pair of big kids it was great been able to go on all the big rides and a great warm-up for florida this summer! Your thank- you cards are fab! Justine xx

araleling said...

I like your thank you cards that feature the products :D
So nice and lovely and colorful too!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

OMG I thought this was your day job, do you work part-time? I'm glad you had a least part of yesterday off :)
Anne x

paper-and-string said...

hi Lucy & Julie, we had a lovely day thank you...and the sewing made it even better!
ABC you are very kind, I'm glad you enjoy visiting me here.
Justine I am very jealous of your day at Alton Towers...what great fun!
Araleling I love your picture next to your comment (and thank you for liking my thank you cards!)
hi Anne, my job is 32.5 hours a week over 5 days, not quite full time, I manage a man's clothing shop and it's great fun...luckily I live very close to work and my new workshop is on the way to the shop so that helps a lot with fitting everything in :-)

Indigo Blue said...

Sounds like pure bliss!

Mel said...

Wow! I understand you. My husband and I started a part time cupcakery in 2008 and we are still working full time. I have been super tired since!! I admire that you have your place so nice and tidy! Love your cupcakes too!