Monday, September 26, 2016

A surprise for me!

For all those who don't see our Facebook page here is a copy & paste of the post John wrote this morning:
"Secret post" Hello world of crafters. John here for my first ever post on paper-and-string's page. Sarah doesn't know about this (so I expect a mix of joy and "WHAT have you done?") and will only find out when she reads this post. We are not only celebrating paper-and-string's 10th anniversary but this comming weekend is also Sarah's Birthday. To celebrate I have booked a secret weekend away so that means we will be closed for a long weekend.
The shops will still be open but we won't be posting orders out between Fri 30th Sept and Monday Oct 3rd
So if you want your order posting before we go please order by 9am on Thurday, orders received after that will be sent out on a "first come first served" basis when we get back (I hope that makes sense) Happy crafting. John.

How amazing is that?? amazing & sneaky I say ;-)
So we will be away for 4 days - if you need an order posting before we go please do it asap (last orders 9am Thursday this week) any orders placed after that will be sent when we come always we will send out in the order we receive them :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

what a week!

If something could go wrong this week, it blooming well did!  We had 60+ hours of a broken website.. 1 delivery driver who didn't show up (he still hasn't) ...wonky emails...a powercut... the barn's alarm went off late at night (false alarm) which meant a mad dash in the middle of the night to check it out ....
that's all over, and we've had a lovely weekend - we spent yesterday with my parents - the day after my Mum's Birthday - which is a proper reason to have cake - so we did :-)
Today we've been working, some of the time at the barn, but mostly on the sofa in my PJ's :-)
I've added some new button packs and new glittery pastel bells to our selection today
 and I'll be busy this evening ordering some restocks too.
This coming week is our last week of 10th Birthday celebrations, so remember to get all your entries in - I'll do a reminder post tomrrow :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Balls are Back in Town

 My beautiful haberdashery cabinet was originally made to hold & display embroidery threads and tapestry wools, but little did the cabinet maker's know that it is also perfect for Felt Balls!
 The top three drawers are for felt shapes...then there's one for the 1cm balls
 three for 1.5cm and three for 2cm - with the perfect amount of compartments, one for each colour :-)
The BIG 3cm balls are in the bottom two drawers - with just enough room to also store the mix packs :-)
 Beautiful AND useful
The balls and shapes are on the website  here

Monday, September 12, 2016

fabric felt website update

After a MAMMOTH website update this weekend, I am super happy to announce that we now have 299 fabric felts to choose from! 
 I've chosen matching or contrasting felt backings ...
 ...and if you fancy a different felt backing colour you can have it! 
 ALL our fabric felt is made to order, here in the barn...when it's super busy it may mean it takes a day longer to send your order, but normally there's no delay at all :-)
 We now have 12 categories on the website (there's a link at the bottom of this post) 
from  Christmas, Halloween & Cute, Stripes & Dots ... with some Gingham & Tartan inbetween ;-)
 All our Fabric Felt is non-fray because the fabric is fused to our premium wool blend felt.  It is easy to use - just like felt really - and a dream to hand sew, the needle just glides through :-)
 Take a peek and see what you think:
Fabric Felt on the website

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Birthday Treat #1

Our first special Birthday Treat is on the website now
Our *new* felt glitter sheets come in 12 colours.
The Birthday Treat price is for a rainbow of all 12 colours for just £10 (normal price is 95p a sheet / £11.40 for all 12)
Each glitter felt rainbow will be secured with metallic ric rac - so you get to try that out too :-)
There are a limited number of felt glitter rainbows at this special price

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Our 10th Birthday<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

It's a busy of month of celebrating and I hope you're keeping up with all our special announcements....
  • 4 free templates for you to make
  • free prize draw - enter on the blog
  • free prize draw - enter on facebook
  • free prize draw - website order of £15 to enter
  • free prize draw - make a free template and send us a photo
  • birthday treat #1 (this one!)
more details of all our 10th birthday celebrations are on our website/facebook/blog
Birthday treat #1 can be found by clicking here

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Birthday Bonanza FREE prize draw

 Our Birthday Bonanza FREE prize draw is here!!
There are FIVE prizes of £100 website credit vouchers -woohoo!  Imagine what you could buy with £100 paper-and-string credit!
Winners can choose the denomination of their credit voucher(s) each voucher must be used in full in one transaction and only one voucher can be used per order (it's how the website works) so I can send 10x £10 of 2x£50 - etcetc the choice is yours.  The discount will work against all products but not shipping/postage fees. The vouchers will expire after 12 months.  As if you could wait that long to spend them ;-)
There are FOUR ways to enter - please read the small print below each one so you understand each step :-) 
1. Blog Entry
Leave a comment on this blog post - tell us what would be at the top of your buying wishlist if you were a £100 voucher winner.
One entry per person, duplicates or spam posts will be deleted  
2. Facebook entry
Leave a comment on the pinned-to-the top post on our facebook page - tell us what your favourite product on our website is
One entry per person, duplicates or spam posts will be deleted. 
You don't have to but facebook shares are always appreciated :-) 
3. Website purchase entry
All customer's website orders of £15 total value will have their order number entered into the draw - we will do this automatically for every qualifying order
For all orders placed from 1st September - 30th September.  Every seperate order will be entered, there are no limits on how many orders you can place.  Larger orders (in £15 multiples) will be entered every time the total hits £15 (so if your order is £30 it will be entered twice, £150 it will be entered 10 times) 
4. Make one of our templates entry
Make one of our free templates, send us a photo and you'll get another entryYou can post the photos to our facebook page OR email them to 
All photos will be put onto our website in the Maker's Gallery with your name or business name displayed - if you want a link tell us what it is and we'll link you too...we'll only put the information you want on display, so tell us what you'd like :-)
There are FOUR template designs - you can enter one of each design - your sewing/design will not be judged, if you've made it you can enter it :-)
The Birthday Bonanza FREE Prize Draw is open throughout September 2016 - winners will be announced early October 2016
All entries will be printed/written on to paper, folded and put in a great big bowl.  The five winning papers drawn will be drawn at random (not by me!) Each entry is equal to the others and has an equal chance of winning - but the more entries you have the higher your chances :-)

My fancy-pants new Birthday stationery has arrived from the printers - and I can not wait to decorate all your parcels with everything :-) 

Thursday, September 01, 2016

paper-and-string is 10!

We are SO excited that paper-and-string has turned 10 that we will be celebrating throughout the month of September
 We've planned all sorts of lovely things - which will be revealed through September - and our first is a gift to you all :-)
 I've uploaded four free templates to the website for you to download and make (if you want to!)
 There are BIG doughnuts
 Cute Pandas
 My favourite Happy decorations
 and our new Cactus design too
They are all on the website here: