Monday, September 26, 2016

A surprise for me!

For all those who don't see our Facebook page here is a copy & paste of the post John wrote this morning:
"Secret post" Hello world of crafters. John here for my first ever post on paper-and-string's page. Sarah doesn't know about this (so I expect a mix of joy and "WHAT have you done?") and will only find out when she reads this post. We are not only celebrating paper-and-string's 10th anniversary but this comming weekend is also Sarah's Birthday. To celebrate I have booked a secret weekend away so that means we will be closed for a long weekend.
The shops will still be open but we won't be posting orders out between Fri 30th Sept and Monday Oct 3rd
So if you want your order posting before we go please order by 9am on Thurday, orders received after that will be sent out on a "first come first served" basis when we get back (I hope that makes sense) Happy crafting. John.

How amazing is that?? amazing & sneaky I say ;-)
So we will be away for 4 days - if you need an order posting before we go please do it asap (last orders 9am Thursday this week) any orders placed after that will be sent when we come always we will send out in the order we receive them :-)

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