Wednesday, April 30, 2008

felt buckets everywhere!

I don't remember if I mentioned here that with had a change of staff at the shop?
It has resulted in my changing the day off I have every week from Thursday to Wednesday, so today I have been at home sewing felt bucket boxes!

I cleared off the mantle piece ready for the 'photo shoot', and managed to grab a few minutes of sunshine!
I have run out of oomph though so decided to list them in my etsy shop, rather than create a new page on my website (I think I have lazy-arse-website-designer-disease!)
So if you would like a felt bucket box to help you stay tidy you know where they are!
Don't let the day off change confuse you, tis still freebie day tomorrow ;-)

Monday, April 28, 2008

re-visiting old patterns

Since my grand tidy up I've been sorting through my old patterns and decided to re-try a few of them.
I have found it quite interesting to compare the old and new pictures, have a look and see what you think ::
Monkey, first blogged about in September 2006 used to look like this ::

now looks like these ::

Felt gift bags, first blogged about in April 2007 used to look like this ::

now they look like these ::

and my fabric buckets, first blogged about in September 2007 ::

now are completely hand sewn and look like these ::

Hurrah for recycling ideas!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've been tidying!

After my giant session on the computer yesterday I decided it was about time I had a tidy up!
I do all of my sewing and crafty things in the lounge and slowly the craft has been taking over...John hadn't said anything but there have been a couple of times when he'd come home and I had to move craft items so he could sit down!!
So yesterday I took some drastic action! I cleared two shelves of my bookcase (books are destined for the charity shop...they are novels, not craft books!) so I could re-organise my craft supplies and shop goodies.
I folded around 300 big bits of felt so they would fit nicely in my storage cubes ::
and I re-jigged everything to make it more accessible.
If you want to see more you can pop over to flickr where I've added notes to the photos :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a day of tinkering

Today was spent tinkering with my website.
I had a nice big pile of felt loveliness to add, but it meant re-arranging the pages and I had been putting it off for a while!
It's all done now, new iron-ons, new needle cases, the happy trees and gnome disguises from yesterday, more funky flowers and a few hexagon ornaments too!

I also put some things in my etsy shop too :-)

I'm SO glad that you all shared my love of the gnome disguise....some times I wonder if it's just me that will like the things I have made, so Thank You to every one who left a comment yesterday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy disguise

I have completed my box of Happy Trees ::
They seem pretty happy, right?
But what's this ?
A Happy Tree Gnome Disguise, that's what!!
Just look at the gnome-y-ness :-)
They are lining up to be photographed and will be appearing in my shop tomorrow.

Monday, April 21, 2008

a box of happy

In my (continuing) attempt to complete all the WIPs I have started over the past months I started to sew up a whole heap of Happy Trees....I'd done most of them already and just needed to drag the sewing machine into action and then stuff and hand sew their bottoms on.
So far I have finished quite a few ::
I've also had a crazy silly idea to make them even're going to love it !! (well, I hope you'll love it, else I'm going a bit mad!!!)
I'll take photos in the morning so you can see what I mean :-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

all over the place

My little felt creations seem to be popping up all over the place ::
an etsy Treasury created by MrPS ::

Claire's blog (thanks Claire!) ::

and on the Craft Gossip blog too!! ::
As with all things like this there appears to be no rhyme or reason to it, but it makes me smile nonetheless !!
There is a handy little blog tool that I click onto now and again called Technorati where you type in your blog/website/etsy shop address and it will cleverly find all links to you and your corner of the webworld...I saved all mine as bookmarks so I can do it in a flash..go check it out, it's great!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

needles, packages and blogs

Today I received an Etsy conversation to sat I've been featured on a blog called Absolutely Delish, it's so nice to be featured :-)
I also packed up my 'secret' presents that I sneaky-peek showed you yesterday ::

I love packaging things :-)
I did squeeze in some sewing ::

Needle Cases ::

Made of double-thickness felt so there is a lot of room for your needles!
Hope you all had good days too :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

that's a lot !!

I've been busy making a couple of gifts that I shall be posting tomorrow so I can't show them....but I haven't been doing nothing, so here's a sneaky peek to prove it ::
I've also been busy emailing the person on ebay who STILL hasn't sent the presents I bought for John's birthday. John's birthday was on Monday so you can imagine how annoyed I am.
The worst thing is, I got John something great but so far he's had a card, a night out at the pub, a special dinner and a birthday cake.
STUPID ebay birthday ruiner!!!
*deep breath*
Take a look at this ::
This is a screen shot of my blog that I did today...50,398 people have looked at this blog! Blimey!
*blush* thanks for dropping in and sharing my craft exploits with me, it's lovely to have you with me :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finished for the day !

I've been a busy little bee!

I've finished the flowers I showed yesterday, and taken photos and packaged them up all nicely.

I've also packed all the freebies and they are ready for the post office tomorrow.

The new felt has been added to the website...34 of the 45 colours are now also available in 24" squares for just £3.25 a square.

I'm off to add the flowers to my Etsy shop and then I'm done!

Time for a nice lunch, a quick shower, then we're off to start John's birthday celebrations :-)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

something new

This idea has been buzzing round in my head for a while now, and for the whole of last night and this morning before work I was chopping and cutting out felt and paper in all sorts of glorious bright colours, and all sorts of lovely shapes.
Hopefully I'll have time to finish them tonight so I can show you them tomorrow :-)

Friday, April 11, 2008

friday fun

Remember I showed you a robot cupcake maker the other day?
Well I listed him on etsy yesterday and wham-bam 2 hours later he was sold!!
I was so excited, it's never happened that quickly before !!
I just got back from the post office and he is now on his way to America :-)
So yesterday afternoon I made another robot cupcake maker ::
with his secret cupcake oven ::

but what is that the robot is laying on???'s only a great big (biggest ever) order for felt! 12" and 24" squares :-)
I shall be adding them all to the shop on Sunday.

*as you can see the freebies are still here, they will be posted on Monday*

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tortoise winners

Normally at this point of the giveaway process I would turn to the random number generator to find me some winners. But I'm bored of that, there's no excitement.
So I'm doing it the old fashioned way :-)
I printed out all the comments ::

Folded them up and put them in a pot ::

(see, this is way more exciting!)
Wilbur shall be going to live with :: jellybelly*jellybrain
and the six runner ups are ::

1. raker
6. emma
who will each win one of these ::

As soon as I have your addresses I shall post your prizes :-)
Thanks everyone for entering and joining in the fun, I'll see you next time :-)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a bed of doughnuts

Look what I made last night ::

another robot cupcake maker !

lying on a bed of doughnuts, what could be better?

I got home from work today to find a nice BIG envelope from the postman and it contained this ::

It'll be in the shops on Friday and if you turn to page 41 you'll see this feature on baby themed embellishments ::

and if you look at item number 15 you'll see this ::

made by me :-)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Today the sun has been shining all day.
We were busy all day at the shop and after work I popped home to pack up some orders and take them to the post office.
I quickly changed into my jeans and some flat shoes so I could walk fast and left the house.
ALL the way to the post office people in the street smiled at me, the walk takes about 10 minutes (walking fast) and goes straight through the centre of town. I was beginning to wonder if it was the sunshine making people happy, or if I was just looking pretty good today ;-p LOL
So I queued up at the Post Office, posted my parcels and started my walk home, via Waitrose, (I know how to have fun !!)
I wandered around the supermarket, paid the lady, and started on my walk home...and about half way home I realised why people were looking and flies were undone
Once home I stood in front of the mirror and undid my fly to see how bad it pants or skin on view (thank goodness!) BUT the zip is super shiny pretend Gold....I expect it was glinting in the sunshine a little!!

picture came from a google search
Hahahahahah :-)