Wednesday, April 16, 2008

that's a lot !!

I've been busy making a couple of gifts that I shall be posting tomorrow so I can't show them....but I haven't been doing nothing, so here's a sneaky peek to prove it ::
I've also been busy emailing the person on ebay who STILL hasn't sent the presents I bought for John's birthday. John's birthday was on Monday so you can imagine how annoyed I am.
The worst thing is, I got John something great but so far he's had a card, a night out at the pub, a special dinner and a birthday cake.
STUPID ebay birthday ruiner!!!
*deep breath*
Take a look at this ::
This is a screen shot of my blog that I did today...50,398 people have looked at this blog! Blimey!
*blush* thanks for dropping in and sharing my craft exploits with me, it's lovely to have you with me :-)


Ali said...

Well, it's lovely to visit. That's why we keep coming back.

Kitty said...

Woohoo! My tortoise brooch arrived - thank you so much! Will blog it eventually - school holidays at the moment so consequently very busy.

Congratulations on all your readers - not surprising really, always so much fabulous making going on! x

Anonymous said...

One more step towards paper-and-string world domination.....!

Jodie said...

The macro pics of the gifts you're making look great... Can't wait for the big reveal tomorrow.. :)
What a horrible Ebay story, I hope this doesn't happen often..


Twiggy said...

Hello there
I love your blog, I'm a newbie visitor:) The robot is too cute and your flowers just gorgeous. Big grrr for the Ebayer who let you down!