Wednesday, April 30, 2008

felt buckets everywhere!

I don't remember if I mentioned here that with had a change of staff at the shop?
It has resulted in my changing the day off I have every week from Thursday to Wednesday, so today I have been at home sewing felt bucket boxes!

I cleared off the mantle piece ready for the 'photo shoot', and managed to grab a few minutes of sunshine!
I have run out of oomph though so decided to list them in my etsy shop, rather than create a new page on my website (I think I have lazy-arse-website-designer-disease!)
So if you would like a felt bucket box to help you stay tidy you know where they are!
Don't let the day off change confuse you, tis still freebie day tomorrow ;-)


Bagladee said...

Oh my god I am so excited the second I saw these I rushed over to etsy and bought one!!!!

Cant wait to receive it, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
:o) xx

pinkgreen said...

They are really cute, and I love all the colours against your fireplace.
Cathy X

Anonymous said...

well, i have to go out later and will forget about freebie day when I get back. I have had a seriously bad couple of days so fancy chancing my arm at a never know when your number will come up to etsy

L x

mollycupcakes said...

More gorgeous buckets hun x

Glad my other comment about the bucket made you laugh lol.

Have a fab weekend and thnak for my lovely felt. I'm maing little bits and bobs for the girls. All inspired by you lovely lady x


Catherine x

Annie said...

Love your little felt bucket boxes and enjoying your blog

Bagladee said...

thank you so much my felt bucket arrived this morning and its fantastic, I will spend a while thinking which lucky trinkets will be living in it :o)))))) xx