Saturday, April 12, 2008

something new

This idea has been buzzing round in my head for a while now, and for the whole of last night and this morning before work I was chopping and cutting out felt and paper in all sorts of glorious bright colours, and all sorts of lovely shapes.
Hopefully I'll have time to finish them tonight so I can show you them tomorrow :-)


Anonymous said...

ooo! Lovely bright colours!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, those flowers look gorgeous! You're always coming up with genius ideas! Put my name down for some, please xoxo

pink-petal-designs said...

lovely bright colours.
Sarah x

monda-loves said...

very bright flowers - very lovely too. You are well are truly putting winter behind you :o)


Just Original said...

Stop it, your putting us all to shame with your productivity!

Love the flowers, the colours are fab!

Anonymous said...

they are fab, i love the colours just soooo summer jade