Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Today the sun has been shining all day.
We were busy all day at the shop and after work I popped home to pack up some orders and take them to the post office.
I quickly changed into my jeans and some flat shoes so I could walk fast and left the house.
ALL the way to the post office people in the street smiled at me, the walk takes about 10 minutes (walking fast) and goes straight through the centre of town. I was beginning to wonder if it was the sunshine making people happy, or if I was just looking pretty good today ;-p LOL
So I queued up at the Post Office, posted my parcels and started my walk home, via Waitrose, (I know how to have fun !!)
I wandered around the supermarket, paid the lady, and started on my walk home...and about half way home I realised why people were looking and smiling...my flies were undone
Once home I stood in front of the mirror and undid my fly to see how bad it was....no pants or skin on view (thank goodness!) BUT the zip is super shiny pretend Gold....I expect it was glinting in the sunshine a little!!

picture came from a google search
Hahahahahah :-)


trash said...


Just Original said...

Laugh out loud! HA HA HA HA

Sorry but I always laugh at peoples miss fortunes!

Kitty said...

You are SUCH an exhibitionist :-p


greetingarts said...

Oh, my. Yipes. Well, what are the chances you'll ever run into any of them again? And perhaps you really did look exceptionally good today...

Indigo Blue said...

This made me laugh out loud! Just what I needed after a knackering day at work. You're a real tonic.

jojoebi-designs said...

That top comment is one of those virus linkie things, you need to put one of those letter verification thingies on to stop them, I had a spate of them too. It is in the blogger set-up pages somewhere (spot the non-geek!)