Sunday, March 31, 2013

Freebie Day :: Part Three

This Freebie weekend is fun, isn't it?
Today I am launching my new Craft Packs ::
 Little Packets full of crafting possibilities :: there are 3 different colour ways - Pastel, Muted & Brights - they are based on the colours in my felt packs so it's easy for you to co-ordinate with all sorts of different craft projects
each pack has 10 hand cut flowers and 10 hand cut flower centres - I love hand cutting, die cut machines are very clever and have their place, but for me - I love to cut with scissors!
There are also 20+ buttons - small ones and larger ones, in a mix of 2 hole and 4 hole designs, all dyed to match the felt perfectly... plus a polka dot and extra large button too.
there's also a postcard in each pack with a photo of some flowers that I have stitched together - no instructions, but lots of ideas!
If you would like to win one of my new craft Packs then please leave a comment and keep your fingers crossed!
 Here are the rules:
To enter just leave a comment on this blog post
You can leave one comment, and one comment only
I will post these prizes anywhere in the world  (3 prizes, 3 winners)
all comments must be entered by the end of Wednesday 3rd April
the winner will be picked by The Magic Number Generator and announced on Thursday 4th April
Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Freebie Day :: Part Two

I can't have a freebie weekend without a felt prize can I?
I love my felt - changing my felt range to my new premium wool felt (which has a higher wool content) last August was the best thing I have ever done...the colours still make me smile - and one of my favourite jobs is packaging up my colour packs....which is why I have picked them for today's freebie prize ::
One person will win 10 felt packs (6"x6") one of each pack that I sell, and today there's no tricky guessing involved ... just leave a comment and the winner will be picked at random.
Here are the rules:
To enter just leave a comment on this blog post
You can leave one comment, and one comment only
I will post this prize anywhere in the world  
all comments must be entered by the end of Wednesday 3rd April
the winner will be picked by The Magic Number Generator and announced on Thursday 4th April

Friday, March 29, 2013

Freebie Day :: Part One

 I've been sorting out my button stock.
All of the buttons I sell by weight are now stored in Sweetie Jars - and don't they look FAB?
They are also very practical and super tidy - but did I also mention that they look FAB?
The new storage also comes hand in hand with new prices - oh yes I have buttony bargains galore!
Colour mixes are now only £1.25 for 50g (or £2 for 100g)
Shaped mixes are now only £2.00 for 50g (or £3.50 for 100g)
You can see all the buttons on my website by clicking here and here
But Wait, don't go yet - look at this Jar ::
This Jar is today's Freebie prize!  Oh yes, I couldn't keep all this buttony-amazingness to myself now could I?
 If you would like to win your very own Button Filled Sweetie Jar then look closely at these photos ::
 ...and get your weight guessing head on...
...because the person who guesses how much this Sweetie Jar and all the buttons weighs will win it!
 I've added a few items for a sense of scale
 and nearly broke my arm holding it up like this for the photo! (that's a clue)
I tried to get a photo of me and the jar so you could see how large it is, but the self timer on my camera & I didn't quite nail it:
Here are the rules:
To enter just leave a comment on this blog post with your guess at how much the jar and all the buttons weighs (the jar is plastic by the way)
Your guess must be in whole grams
You can have one guess, and one guess only
If more than one person guesses the exact weight the person who commented first will win
If no one guesses the exact weight the next nearest guess will win
If by some crazy chance there is a tie I will split the prize equally (I have more jars, you wouldn't get half a jar!)
I will post this prize anywhere in the world  
all guesses must be entered by the end of Wednesday 3rd April
The Jar & Buttons will be weighed and the winner will be announced on Thursday 4th April

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

plans are afoot

new packaging bags - the purpose?  'tis a freebie day secret!
new storage - the purpose?  'tis a freebie day secret!

freebie day?
oh no my friends - not a freebie day but a freebie holiday weekend! starts on Friday, but you'll need to come back on Saturday, Sunday AND Monday!

Oh yes, freebies are back!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 Chevrons on grosgrain ribbon - I think it's ribbon heaven!
& Bold
 and available by the metre in my shop here

Monday, March 25, 2013

lets talk pom pom trim

Pom Pom trim is FAB - I must have it in my shop, and in my own sewing stash too.
My original Teeny Tiny Pom Pom Trim comes from America - it's supplied to me on big spools and the colours are gorgeous, but I can't get enough of it!  I just re-stocked and again didn't receive my whole's not through lack of trying on anyones behalf - just that they sell out a lot because it's so popular.
So I have hunted down another Teeny Tiny Pom Pom Trim supplier ... but the colours are completely different...what to do???  stock both, obviously!!
The two trims are very similar ... the orange one up there is from America and the pale mint one is from  the new selection, I think you'd be hard pushed to tell them apart!!

My new trims are supplied on big cards rather than spools, which will help a lot when it comes to order picking!!
I still haven't solved the 'getting hold of stock' problem - but at least with two different ranges I will always have some Teeny Tiny Pom Pom Trim in the shop!
Quick Links:
All my pom pom trim can be seen here, and if you're quick my larger pom pom trim has been popped into the sale because I can't get it at all anymore!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

hello bunny!

 This little bunny has been made from my newest mini kit - and the kits are now my shop - just in time for some Easter crafting!
 Eagle-eyed shoppers will have seen Bunny in John Lewis for the past month or so, but the crazy busy-ness over the past few weeks saw me drop the ball on this one!
But Bunny is here ... along with his pom pom tail which you can't see from these photos but is really cute :-)
Click here to hop over to the Bunny page (c'mon, one bunny hopping pun is allowed, surely!?)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

button trays

 All the buttons have been counted...
...and are now stored in my new trays :-)
 the website is updated and all these glorious buttons are in the pick n mix section ...
...which is a very colourful section indeed!
All the pick n Mix buttons, new and old, can be found by clicking here

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

button action plan

step one :: order tonnes of buttons (some are here;  some are still not here)
step two :: work out where to put it all (could also be named 'buy a lot of new storage trays because they are your favourite storage things in the world and this is a very good excuse to buy loads' )
step three :: spend hours & hours making the trays look pretty and filling them up and revelling in the colourful button-y fun pack orders at warp speed tomorrow so I get a free hour or three to get all the buttons in the trays, photographed & on the website!!

In other news:
**new Christmas Kits have been designed and samples have been made (and re made whilst I tweak and  perfect) - all have been sent to John Lewis and are being assessed to see if they want to stock them for Autumn/Winter 2013 - I don't like this bit, while I wait and wait and wait .... I think the new designs are the best yet, obviously I am a bit biased, and I would love nothing more than to share them here and get your opinions, but i can't because they are tip-top-secret
**Setting up as a Limited Company is BORING - I have done most of it, just waiting for the tax man to send me stuff so I can register for Tax & Vat & employer stuff (I am already registered as a sole trader but you have to do it all again for a Ltd company) oh, and I have to go and open a new Business Bank Account too . . . . doing all the tax/vat/bank stuff once was boring enough, but doing it twice! *sigh* doesn't the tax man know I need to do more sewing???
 **Our little team of two (that's me & John) is going to grow - a part timer has been hired and will be starting in April, we both know her well which made the decision easier - but it is still a little terrifying...I will introduce you once she gets here - she's crafty too and loves to crochet :-)
**the 1st freebie of the year is being planned - I have missed Jan, Feb & March so APRIL'S FREEBIE will be a good one!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

ribbon pile up

 ooohhh so many lovely ribbons :: they arrived yesterday all the way from America - I only ordered last Sunday so their turnaround is pretty spectacular!
I was running very low on lots of my favourites so I did a big order - but 771 spools don't take up much table space do they?
Ribbon Corner has been dismantled, dusted, put back together, re-organised and filled up ...
 it's official - I love my job :-)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

spring colours

 Today I have boxed up the last wholesale order from the Trade Show - it's a nice feeling to have all the orders complete and winging their way around the UK and foreign shores.
I had a couple of little work-based treats planned for myself for when the wholesale orders were finished- one was making some new loyalty card button/findings packs, it's so much fun to pick all the items for these, and this time round the colours are very spring-time inspiring, and now I have a nice little pile of craft kits ready to send to customers who fill their loyalty cards up :-)
Next on my list?  an hour or two with my new button catalogue!!
well, I can't work hard all the time can I?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


sometimes it's good to have a plan.
other times it's good to think on your feet.
and when you're a busy bee (like me)  it's best to just buy buttons and work out where you will put them and how you will sell them later on
some of my new buttons have arrived - but not all - so my plan is still being formulated....later on is still later on, but only has been ordered (yesterday) and the button selling plan is taking shape  in my mind at may take a little while longer to translate it on to the website!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

teeny tiny ric rac

even more teeny tiny supplies have been delivered ...
...and today it's super cute tiny ric rac!

 available in 10 colours at another bargainous price:
click here to see the teeny tiny ric rac in all it's glory