Saturday, March 02, 2013

colourful hearts

I could fill this post with details of my recent meeting with my accountant about being a limited company, or with details of the many phone calls between me and Mr Site (my website people) and the many problems I have had which they finally fixed.  Or I could tell you about the phenomenal amount of orders that have been worked on this week - OR because that would all be a bit dull, we could see my new buttons instead!
 aren't they glorious?
 I love the colours AND that they all have red dots
both sizes are available now in my pick & mix button selection :-)


Jessie May said...

Well, they really are quite special. Hmmmm... not sure what colour I like best, they are all very cute!

Sue said...

My order has arrived today and it was only sent on Saturday night! Wow, how's that for brilliant service! Thank you so much, I'm thrilled to bits with everything. I think I'm developing an addiction to buttons -is there such a thing???