Tuesday, March 19, 2013

button action plan

step one :: order tonnes of buttons (some are here;  some are still not here)
step two :: work out where to put it all (could also be named 'buy a lot of new storage trays because they are your favourite storage things in the world and this is a very good excuse to buy loads' )
step three :: spend hours & hours making the trays look pretty and filling them up and revelling in the colourful button-y fun pack orders at warp speed tomorrow so I get a free hour or three to get all the buttons in the trays, photographed & on the website!!

In other news:
**new Christmas Kits have been designed and samples have been made (and re made whilst I tweak and  perfect) - all have been sent to John Lewis and are being assessed to see if they want to stock them for Autumn/Winter 2013 - I don't like this bit, while I wait and wait and wait .... I think the new designs are the best yet, obviously I am a bit biased, and I would love nothing more than to share them here and get your opinions, but i can't because they are tip-top-secret
**Setting up as a Limited Company is BORING - I have done most of it, just waiting for the tax man to send me stuff so I can register for Tax & Vat & employer stuff (I am already registered as a sole trader but you have to do it all again for a Ltd company) oh, and I have to go and open a new Business Bank Account too . . . . doing all the tax/vat/bank stuff once was boring enough, but doing it twice! *sigh* doesn't the tax man know I need to do more sewing???
 **Our little team of two (that's me & John) is going to grow - a part timer has been hired and will be starting in April, we both know her well which made the decision easier - but it is still a little terrifying...I will introduce you once she gets here - she's crafty too and loves to crochet :-)
**the 1st freebie of the year is being planned - I have missed Jan, Feb & March so APRIL'S FREEBIE will be a good one!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! what a lot of exciting news!! see - your world domination plan really is going well! now an employer too - how exciting. may you continue to spread your felty-buttony-ribbony happiness to one and all!
take care