Saturday, March 23, 2013

hello bunny!

 This little bunny has been made from my newest mini kit - and the kits are now my shop - just in time for some Easter crafting!
 Eagle-eyed shoppers will have seen Bunny in John Lewis for the past month or so, but the crazy busy-ness over the past few weeks saw me drop the ball on this one!
But Bunny is here ... along with his pom pom tail which you can't see from these photos but is really cute :-)
Click here to hop over to the Bunny page (c'mon, one bunny hopping pun is allowed, surely!?)


C said...

Just saw this:

I didn't know if they'd purchased appliques from you wholesale or were actually ripping off your designs. I hope it's the former.

La Tortuga Pecosa said...

hola!! tienes un blog muy chulo! te invito a que visites mi blgs y/o lo sigas si te gusta

Me quedo por aqui

Saludos y..enhorabuena!!!

Vivika said...

oh, this is so cute!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Really sweet! :)

tatiana said...

que lindos