Thursday, March 07, 2013

this time yesterday I started a Craft Pack Marathon...

....75 packs needed to be finished so I could post out 8 wholesale orders - all the other items were made by John - he's been making wholesale orders whilst I have been doing all the website orders.  I had already started cutting but needed to find a few spare hours to get these finished!
I counted out buttons (these are new buttons and will be on the website in a few weeks)
then I added lots of ribbons
stacked them all up to make more room on the table
cut lots of felt shapes (flowers/hearts/easter eggs) in lots of different colours
went home and carried on cutting late into the night .... got up at 6am and did more to the workshop at 7.45am and started packaging ... and Ta DAH!
75 craft packs all finished and now in boxes and on their way with Mr Parcelforce (don't worry I didn't take photos of boring old cardboard boxes)
These craft packs are new - I launched them at the trade fair and they were really popular - I will be adding them to the website as soon as I have made some more!


Jessie May said...

What would we do without our good men folk to give us a helping hand? I'm always getting mine to saw wood and drill holes in wood so I can make pretty signs. Your new craft packs look very cute!

dottycookie said...

ooh, those craft packs look like they'd be ideal to put in party bags!

Unknown said...
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