Monday, March 25, 2013

lets talk pom pom trim

Pom Pom trim is FAB - I must have it in my shop, and in my own sewing stash too.
My original Teeny Tiny Pom Pom Trim comes from America - it's supplied to me on big spools and the colours are gorgeous, but I can't get enough of it!  I just re-stocked and again didn't receive my whole's not through lack of trying on anyones behalf - just that they sell out a lot because it's so popular.
So I have hunted down another Teeny Tiny Pom Pom Trim supplier ... but the colours are completely different...what to do???  stock both, obviously!!
The two trims are very similar ... the orange one up there is from America and the pale mint one is from  the new selection, I think you'd be hard pushed to tell them apart!!

My new trims are supplied on big cards rather than spools, which will help a lot when it comes to order picking!!
I still haven't solved the 'getting hold of stock' problem - but at least with two different ranges I will always have some Teeny Tiny Pom Pom Trim in the shop!
Quick Links:
All my pom pom trim can be seen here, and if you're quick my larger pom pom trim has been popped into the sale because I can't get it at all anymore!

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