Wednesday, February 27, 2013

website hiccups

my website went bananas today!
I am so sorry if it has caused you headaches - but I *think* it is all sorted now!
please email me if you have an unresolved issue (sepoulton{at}
For the record I didn't break it this time (normally it is me who breaks it whilst fiddling with things I don't understand)- the website people can't see anything wrong with it but after my phoning it miraculously works again - hooray!
and it is a very good thing too because new stocks are arriving:
yesterday's delivery: 6 dozen bottles of glue - from a new supplier who always* has it in stock - never again will I run out of this vital sticky stuff!
*so far an untested statement, but first impressions are good!
Felt Glue is HERE


dottycookie said...

Oooh, proper felt glue - but does it make the felt go stiff like PVA?

sew said...

Good stuff!
My 19 month old granddaughter so LOVES your postcard and points to all the animals and is learning their names and sounds - eg bee goes buzz buzz buzz ...
An extra bonus from a paper & string order! Thank you from a little girl and her grandma!