Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sofa & rainbows

here's the sofa I made* yesterday!

I've been to town and borrowed the way expensive-o Sanderson fabric book and have fallen for the design you can see...and, shock horror, John likes it too!!
The sofa is super comfy and I love the texture of the fabric :-)
Today, in the workshop I made rainbows...sadly there were no pots of gold lurking around (that would have taken care of the curtains!!)
* it's a diy sofa from Ikea....but I still put it together all by myself :-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely sofa and fabric! Thanks for the felt goodness it arrived this morning!

Bagladee said...

I love love love, your new sofa and Yey you for putting it together without a man present. ;) And that fabric is soooo gorgeous!!! You have impecable taste Miss. Poulton :D xx

Hazel said...

Oooooh what do you have planned for that fabric?

picciolo said...

Love your new sofa sisterini! And the curtain fabric look lovely too