Monday, September 03, 2007

another little holiday

That's right, I have another couple of days off :-)

Don't feel too jealous though : remember I did work 6 days a week for around 10 weeks....

Yesterday I had a reindeer day

100 were ordered and 84 are finished

the last 16 are cheek-less
that sounds like reindeer cruelty !!

Every other reindeer part is in place though and as I type (hopefully) there are cheeks winging there way to me!! Some were ordered from America and some from down the road in Dorset...I wonder which will arrive first...

This morning I had a little lie in and woke up at 8.30, luxurious!

Annoyingly there is some gas mains work going on in our street. It started today


The armchair I sit in to hand sew is right in our big bay window so I have natural light for as long as possible. Unfortunately this picture was taken from my armchair and that man has a very VERY loud drill. But it's not too bad because they seem to work for 10 minutes and then stop for an hour!

He hasn't curbed my crafting though and this morning I have cut some lovely colours which are a little bit more summery than reindeer!

They are going to be flowers for another order I received that will eventually be winging it's way to New York. Isn't it amazing that I sit in my little blue armchair and someone hundreds and millions of miles away likes the look of what I do and can so easily ask for some? I LOVE the interweb and the world of blogs, it's amazing isn't it?

Hopefully the next few days will see some new ideas being turned into reality, and of course the resurrection of freebie day, this Thursday. I have to say it's good to be getting back to normal round these parts, who knows, I may even be able to update my neglected little shops sometime soon!! Enjoy your Mondays :-)


pink-petal-designs said...

wow you have got a lot done !! Enjoy your day off, and i hope the work men arn't outside for too long.
Sarah x

Unknown said...

I love seeing how your orders look as they are finished, I'd love to open a box of 100 reindeer!!!!!
I hope the workmen are having plenty of tea breaks (union rules, you can't work for long without a cuppa!!!!)

Blooming Felt said...

Those reindeer of absolutely gorgeous ... but 100 of them?? I'd go mad having to do so many of the same thing at once ! You have the patience of a saint !! Sarah x

My Paper World said...

Hi Sarah, its my day for delurking today! I bought some gorgeous mini handbags off you from ebay quite a while ago, which led me to your blog. Then I didnt even know what a blog was! so thanks very much for introducing me to the blogging world! Now I read hundreds of craft blogs ( yours is always first of course! ) I love all of your work, and I think that the reindeers look fab!

Just Original said...

I bet your production line of one, is better than the council workers outside your window?

Only 16 more reindeers to complete, good luck!

Vanessa x