Wednesday, August 29, 2007

moo !!

The last of the big order is almost nearly finished

That pile is 53 reindeeronly another 47 to go!!But it's fun making them, they are rather cute !! Every face comes out slightly different, even though I try to make them the same!This morning the postman bought me a little something...I know, I know, everyone got moo'd ages ago BUT better late then never right? Just look at them all....I've popped all my details on the back because I will slip one in with orders I send out, like little mini business cards!I'm tempted to get the stickers too but I want to take some new photos first. I think I have become a little bit addicted to flickr, I have joined loads of groups and just love looking around.

I had a computer free weekend this weekend, Sunday was a sewing day but on Monday John and I went out for breakfast, did a little bit of shopping, a lot of housework and then, you guessed it, some more sewing!!

Today has been a good day, I've packaged up a lot of orders, been to the bank and paid all the bills (boring I know) visited the post office and booked a craft fair for November. If you're anywhere near Worthing Pier on 17th or 18th November pop in and say hi :-)

I've also taken a BIG step website wise and placed a provisional order with a new supplier. I don't want to say too much until it's all sorted BUT *cram-cream-deco-tape* sssshhhhh I didn't say anything!!

Reindeers are calling, see you all soon xxx


Blooming Felt said...

Oh WOW !! Those Moo cards are absolutely brilliant !! I was umming and ahhing about getting some myself, but now I've actually seen yours will definitely order some :o) Pleased you booked the craft fair too (you do know it clashes with the Country Living Fair - arghhhhhh ??!!) Sarah x

pink-petal-designs said...

I love your moo cards !

Ali said...

Your stuff was made for moo cards - looks spectacular! And I'm very excited about that tape...

Unknown said...

I NEED moo cards!!! I have also been thinking about getting some for a while and kept saying to myself that they'd be rubbish in real life....but they are gorgeous!!!!!!!!

And....ooooh...what's this secret supplier? I am very curious :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of MOO cards before. But, what a great idea! I love yours!!!

Anonymous said...


I found your blog through MonkeeMaker's, and just wanted to say that I think your felt creations are wonderful. And I'm very impressed by all those reindeer! Big orders must be hard work - although it looks like fun too :o)


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I love the Moo cards- they're gorgeous xxx

monda-loves said...

I only found out about moo cards a few weeks ago when I got one from someone, and I loved it so much I ordered some over the bank holiday weekend. I hope they come soon - how long did they take to arrive?

loving your blog at the minute (who am I kidding?, I'm always loving your blog), but lately you've made some especially nice bits


Monkee Maker said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for 007's fan mail - he's very chuffed! And those sock monkeys are fab!

Hmm, after seeing one of your moo cards in person (as it were) I think I shall have to order some too!

kristin said...

REALLY!!! you AMAZE me! you do! and the MOO cards look great!! :)