Thursday, August 02, 2007

time has run away from me

It's official.

I'm trying to do too much.

I am squeezing my free time harder and harder and ..... oops I have none left !!

I have felt panic and a slight hint of despair but I am over the worst and have re-focused (and written a list AND a timetable!!)

I did manage to have 4 hours off the day job this week and that meant I could complete an order for Rachel of Tinkerblue

I enjoyed making this order and I hope Rachel likes it all.

I enjoyed it so much I made a new colour elf to cheer me up :-)

and then I couldn't stop sewing and decided to make a little gift bag to send the order inI have two BIG orders to complete this month and have worked out I need 100 hours of sewing time to finish it all (!!) so as I said I have timetabled August and can just about fit it all in, phew!!

One thing that has been sacrificed is the blog (did you notice?) and also August's freebie. So next month I will have two freebies in one!

Also this week I have ordered a whole heap of felt and I am going to try and stock felt for my felt shop at all times so if you need any felt (wool mix felt) then pop by my little felt shop and see what you think

Tomorrow I am going to start a blog-based-order-progress-show-and-tell (a what??)

basically everyday I am going to take a photo and post it on the blog so every one can see how the orders are progressing, which in turn will mean that I keep going and stick to my timetable...


Blooming Felt said...

You poor thing - I know exactly how you feel. Fortunately for me I've managed to complete my wholesale orders for the moment so have a bit of breathing space. Will you have time to take a photo and post it on your blog?? I hope so - can't wait to see it all ;o) Sarah x

Ali said...

I am in total awe of how much you manage to do. Breathe...

AC said...

I hate to ask now but can I have a colour chart? I'll email you with my address. Just to let you know that I have linked to your felt shop on my post today...although you seem snowed under already:-)
Take care,
Alison x

Anonymous said...

I am in luvvvvv with the elves!!! They are adorable!!