Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday catch up

This week has flown by!
Work has been crazy-busy with record-breaking takings and the amount of customers we served, extremely exhausting, but great because the shop is doing so well!
I'm still working 6 day weeks but next week I'm planning on having two half days so I can get some craft time in! (Let alone grocery shopping and housework!)

As is normal for people having a busy time we had an added disaster when our washing machine died on Friday so the local launderette has become a new place for John and I to hang out!!

I have spent every spare second working my way through a nice big order which includes these 3 felt alphabets :: I also have had a few felt shop orders and had the bright idea (late at night when I should have been sleeping) that I needed to make swatch cards!!

A few minutes with Publisher on the computer got me started and after a whole load of double-sided-tape sticking I have some felt colour swatch cards!
I'm going to put one in with the current orders and every future order and also have a place in the felt shop where they can be ordered!

Hopefully next week everything will happen a little slower so I can feel like I am keeping up with it all!


monda-loves said...

I sympathise totally. Your week sounds like mine. This week my cooker thermostat went 'pop' tripping the electrics at the same time. We find ways round stuff like this tho - like eating lots of cold food and salads and going to the laundrette! I'm looking forward to getting my felt order - its a good job you didn't send it before now, I'd have just been looking at it wishing at had time to do something with it, and thanks for your helpful comments on my blog too - I've been on etsy for the last hour or so!
Monda x

AC said...

Glad your so busy!
Alison x

Just Original said...

I hope you manage to get some time off next week!

I am really chuffed that you are so busy! I was steady all week and then surprise surprise I received an order for 16 pinnies for one of my retail outlets, who wants them ASAP.

The samples boards are good, but so time consuming, I had 2000 brochures printed and a place left for fabric samples to be attached, they look really good but so boring to sit and stick.

Vanessa x

Me and Him said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy. I just placed an order for some christmas decorations. Is it weird that I want to put my tree up now?

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