Friday, July 20, 2007

where to buy felt

It seems that my fellow bloggers can not find good quality wool mix felt for a nice-on-the-purse price. But don't worry because today I went to my local needlework/fabric shop and struck up a little deal!
If you would like to buy some felt (of the wool-mix variety) contact me and I will send you some details. I would like to be able to supply you with good quality felt for a good price...just let me know if you are interested...this is a slightly different venture for me so I'm not quite sure if it's for me, but i'd like to help you all if i can!!


Blooming Felt said...

Yes please !! Sarah x

Providence Handmade said...

Wonderful! :)

monda-loves said...


AC said...

That sounds great1
Alison x

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estiloturuleca said...

hello Im from buenos aires Argentina, can you send me the place were to buy felt? do you know if they do overseas shippings?

anne said...

how still searching for the felt fabric outlet in kuala lumpur,Malaysia..poor,i just found your nice blog and didn't found that fabric in my place yet..