Sunday, July 08, 2007

July freebie's

This month's freebie has been running since Thursday and now it's time for me to show you what's up for grabs this month...
These are lavender bags I made as samples for someone. This design is very different to the ones he is going to stock, but I would still feel kinda weird about selling them because the products I have designed for him are exclusive to him. So they make perfect unique freebies!
Next is 2 bundles of left over linen pieces. I am a hoarder and I keep everything that's left over from past projects but my fabric shelves are full to bursting point now so these duplicates can find themselves a new home (and hopefully be stitched into a new project!)
Last of the prizes is two packs of buttons. The packaging is from the brads I ordered during the week and I have recycled it! Inside each is 3 dozen buttons in ever-popular pink colours. I use these buttons all the time and they are fab!
So now you know what is up for grabs this is the last chance to leave a comment and add your name to the drawing!
Winners will be announced TOMORROW (yep that's Monday 9th July) because I have been invited out for the evening and it's such a lovely summer evening how could I resist?
See you tomorrow, I hope are enjoying what is left of the weekend!


Dana said...

Hello :)

I'm not sure if I have previously entered or not... so I'll try again :) Thanks so much for the nice offer!
Thanks also for the very enjoyable blog! I'm a frequent visitor.


Heidi said...

Three great options: lavendar, linen, and buttons. I love them all. Thanks for your generosity with freebies!

AC said...

Hi there ...I love your work it is very inspirational.I would love to be entered into your draw.
take care ,
Alison X

Anonymous said...

Oops, I think I'm too late for the draw....anyway, I love your stuff and I love your blog! I'll keep my beady eye on it!!!!