Monday, July 09, 2007

...and the winners are...

Everyone who left a comment had their name written on a piece of paper and they were folded up small and put in the pot. John was called to action and had to shake them about and draw 6 winners...and they are...

In case you can't read that the names, in the order they were drawn are ::
Lavender Bag winners :: Katyejones + Mondaloves
Linen Pieces :: Raggedroses + Caroline
Buttons :: Christy + Ali

I hope you all LOVE your freebies
Please email me your address as soon as possible :: my email address is over there on the right hand side, just scroll down till you find it!

I had a nice surprise yesterday, we went to a friends for a little drink and a chat and when I came home I discovered I have a free
Pro Account on Flickr,
it transpires this sometimes happens when your ISP is a Yahoo partner, which mine is, so I have a pro account for free! The result of finding this out? I spent AGES yesterday uploading tons of photos and putting them all in order, and the result of that? A photo of one of my freebie kits was
posted here!

See you tomorrow xxx


monda-loves said...

no no no, I feel like a fraud. I deliberately didn't leave a comment on your freebie post this time as I won something last time, so I think its only fair that you throw my name back in and give someone else a chance. I love your stuff and freebies of course, but I feel bad.

Ragged Roses said...

Ooh thanks a lot - looking forward to receiving my linen!!! Very kind of you and congrats on the Flickr account!
Kim x

pink-petal-designs said...

Love your little panda bowl x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to us. We do love finding creatives who share their love of handmade crafts with others.