Monday, July 23, 2007

goodies from down under !

Look what plopped through my letter box today!

Unfortunately it's raining and horrible here so the picture is dull so I've included these from here, much sunnier photos :-)

This is destined to become a wall planner for my niece for when she starts school...with the days of the week squares as big pockets to hold all the things she will need to remember everyday.

It's all sold out now but take a peek at Kristen's shop because a new colour way is on it's way!

and while you are at it check out Cheeky Beaks, such a fantastic blog!

I can't wait to start making it, I've a few other things to finish first but once they're done it's all systems go!!


pink-petal-designs said...

cant wait to see it made up. Sarah x

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea - much better than hankies!
Hope your niece enjoys startig school - my Joe has LOVED it1