Tuesday, August 07, 2007

progress check number 2

I have lots of things to share today!
First of all a peek at how far I have got with my big orders

I have been super dedicated and have got loads done :-) I have left work a little early today so I can crack on again, so expect another update soon!!

I needed to order some red gingham ribbon for the reindeer decorations and I got a little carried away and got some extra!

I have also been receiving deliveries of felt for my little felt shop. I am now stocking the felt here to speed up sending out orders. At the moment I am stocking 14 colours but I hopefully will be able to expand and stock a whole load more soon.

John came home yesterday with a new-for-us shelving unit. It means a little bit of rearranging needs to happen but once that's done I have a new home for my craft goodies !I'm off to sew and watch Columbo, bye for now xxx


Anonymous said...

Way to be productive!

Unknown said...

I ordered some ribbons today too!!!! But didn't go quite as crazy as you obviously have :)

mushroommeadows said...

hehe I like the little faces in the box. They're sooooo cute!