Monday, November 12, 2012

deadline met

17 boxes of kits have been dispatched to John Lewis today.
There are a lot of large kits, oh-so many mini kits and many, many hours of hard work in these boxes.
This could not have been achieved without the hard work of John (boyfriend/kit maker/felt cutter/box packer/amazing man) me (I wasn't at home with my feet up!) and two willing friends who helped.  a lot.
hurrah for team work, hurrah for coffee and toasted cheese sandwiches and hurrah for John, he's the best!
Good Bye boxes, I hope you get there safely!


Cristina Salgueiro said...

Good, happy for you and all the hard work.

quiltercaroline said...

Congratulations - so glad that you had so many to make as it means that they have put in a larger order. Yeah!!! C

Giorgia Rossini said...

Hi dear, yesterday I began your tree garland (the one I won last year, I had no time before to make it...) I made a tree, it's so cute!
thank you again for your fabolous kit, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! that's alot! Great team effort - well done all of you!

Coisas de Feltro said...

Perfect! So many colors...
I could be so happy in this place. :)