Thursday, November 29, 2012


 the workshop looked bright and cheery today after quite a few days of overcast miserable weather ... just look at the sun pouring in through my stacks of not-yet-rolled-but-nicely-cut-and-folded mini rolls!
Sadly, the downstairs entrance hall never looks cheery BUT it has now got it's very own Collection Point Barcode Sign *woo-hoo!*- I have finally  bitten the bullet and decided that I need my parcels collecting rather than carrying them myself (or rather John carrying them because they are too heavy for me!)  Sometimes John went by himself, sometimes we both had to carry & walk and sometimes we had to go in the car and park in the NCP to get them all there so I weighed up the time involved and costs etc and decided to have a daily collection - today is the 3rd day and it's marvellous! does seem a little crazy because it only takes 10 minutes to walk there but all in all a good decision made!
Oh and if you're wondering why the sacks are balanced on the stairs it's because Royal Mail charge more for collections from the 1st floor so I put them all in the hall just before they come and save a whopping £200-ish a year !!


Mandy said...

the sunshine looks lovely coming through your window, especially when it's settling on so many gorgeous folded pieces of felt!

received my order today Sarah, thank you for such a super service!


Julia said...

Sunshine on felt looks very good indeed! Get you with your collection point, it just shows how booming your business is to need it :0) xx

Kay said...

Good for you, I love organisation in any form which make sme sound a little OCD. Gorgeous pile of felt too.