Thursday, September 11, 2008

crossing off

Yesterday I managed to obliterate my to-do list!
I ordered packing supplies. I ordered more felt (should be here tomorrow!) I bought my accounts up to date. I tidied my supplies AND even managed some sewing :-)

I'm also sewing for a tip-top secret project at the moment ... normally when new projects come along I stop doing everything else and and concentrate on the new project, but I tried to be more organised with this new project and tried to split my sewing hours between all my seems to be working far! And hopefully everything will come together soon so I can spill the beans!

I had a fun yet busy day at work today window dressing, I themed it round Goodwood Revival because some of the clothes we sell are perfect for wearing there...John lent me some props from his car collection (not actual cars, but model cars, a steering wheel and some old Esso oil cans) and it looks fab!
Time now for a cup of coffee and a little 'window' shopping here ::


Nia said...

Mmmmmmmm.... Nice mushies!

When will red polka-dot buttons be back in stock in your shop?

Unknown said...

oooh, I've been window shopping at mini boden for the monkeys. And tomorrow I am window shopping for me in Liberty's! Ah, window shopping...nearly as good as real shopping, but not quite!