Wednesday, September 17, 2008

holiday itch

This Saturday John and I are off to Goodwood and on Sunday we're all off to my sister's family home to celebrate Mum's birthday and the weekend after that we're celebrating our friends & my birthday in Brighton and THEN we're off on our holiday!

I'm beginning to feel like I really need a holiday and I've started to wind-down already.... I've been working very hard this year and am really looking forward to a whole week of relaxing.

I have started lots of different projects over the past week but haven't finished many of's the holiday itch, I can't concentrate!...but I did manage to finish these cupcakes and owls, and today I finally got round to photographing them and adding them to the website shop.
Is it too soon to pack my suitcase???


Nia said...

Bon Voyage! xoxo

monda-loves said...

It's definitely not too soon to pack your suitcase. I always leave mine to the last minute, and totally regret it when I end up staying up all night long the night before my holiday, and then I go on holiday feeling totally tired out. My advice - start packing now!


Bagladee said...

Hi Sarah, Oh noooooo I cant believe your emails are not getting through :( I have sent a test to you to see if you can receive them from me. I have emailed mrsite asking what's going on. But that cant be good for business if people cant get through!! Arrrggghhhhh!!!! xx p.s great owls and cupcakes by the way

Blooming Felt said...

Have a lovely weekend - sorry you won't be able to make it to the Stitch & Creative Crafts Show - it would have been lovely to meet you - I guess I'll have to bribe someone else to bring me cake now instead !!

Sarah x

Kitty said...

I thought you'd never be able to look another cupcake in the eye again!

Hope you have a fantastic few weekends - your holiday is well-earned. x

Anonymous said...

What beautiful bright colors. Happy colors!

Laura said...

Hi!My name is Laura,I write you from the italia, today I have made an order in your shop I wanted to say that you are good and I adore your jobs, excuse me for mine bad English ,you come to find me in my blog!!ciao ciao Laura

Anonymous said...

have a fantastic weekend and holiday! make sure you take some holiday sewing!!! ;)