Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obsessed with Brooches

After making the brooch for Mum's birthday I've become slightly obsessed with brooches.
(even though I REALLY dislike the word brooch! what a funny word it is!)

So this morning I surrounded myself with felt, ribbon, buttons, threads, pen and paper.

I sketched a few ideas that have been in my head for quite some time and then got sewing.

I completely enjoyed it and think I will be making many more.
Especially the owls. In many many colours :-)


Rachel said...

Oh wow Sarah, they are just fantastic! Those owls are so adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

oh! they are lovely! I think the tree is my fave! :)

Bagladee said...

I love the tree too :) super duper!! xx

Nia said...
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Nia said...

OMG the new brooch designs are great! Really cute and colourful xoxo

Kitty said...

I hope you do make lots more - they are gorgeous! x

Kim said...

LOVE those!! The little tree is so sweet!
I love how your little pins are so neat...the little stitches are so perfect!

the vicious chicken said...

Oh! I just *love* your tree brooch! I mean, everything you've made is beautiful, but the tree is just great :o)

Anonymous said...

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