Thursday, February 25, 2010

website wizardry

John's getting up for work really early at the moment and this morning I too was wide awake at 6.10am! That gave me a good 3 hours to spend on my website....I've re-jigged a few pages and changed a few photos in the supplies section ::
...and I've added an extra page or two to the buttons section (I've been busy ordering quite a few more buttons!) ::
all I have to do now is keep my eyes peeled for the postman!
***edited to add***
oops! it seems I messed up all the links on my website and when you clicked on pictures they took you to the wrong pages...I think it's all fixed now (fingers crossed!) thanks Justine & Claire for taking the time to let me know :-)


Justine said...

Hi there, I just checked out your webshop and am interested in ordering the make-your-own felt flower brooch kit but when you click on its picture you're taken to the fabric flowers to buy individually!! I couldn't find the kit anywhere....

Lisa said...

Hi there was looking at your Christmas decorations and the links are mixed up. Just thought you should know so its easy for people to order those cuties!