Wednesday, February 17, 2010


after much heavy lifting the old workshop now looks like this ::
by 9.30am the van looked like this ::

Goodbye lovely old workshop and even lovelier old door ::

A lot of time was spent today carrying way too many heavy things today...John was a superstar removal guy and I truly couldn't have done it with out him...we're both absolutely knackered and enjoying a lazy evening with beer (john) and wine (me) and in a mo I'm about to crack open a wickedly chocolatey Waitrose Mississippi Mud Pie, well, we deserve it!
The fabric?
that's what I bought whilst shopping with my sister and niece...check out what they got on my sister's blog.


Unknown said...

Are you trying to make me jealous with all those polka dots?
Moving on to bigger and better things :)

Lorraine said...

Hope you enjoyed the chocolate treat - you both so deserve it. That door was especially lovely - bu... onwards and upwards :-)
Fabric - Oooohhhh I can see that being snapped up before you know it - maybe it's time I started that patchwork quilt I've been promising myself for the past three years - yes indeedy!!!
Happy days to you xx

picciolo said...

I hope you enjoyed your wine and cake, it sounds like you both earned it! I bet you will sleep well tonight. Did you get the sewing machines up the stairs??

PixieBelle said...

I absolutely love old doors! I think that would have been hardest if I had to leave there.
I hope the new space delivers creative ideas and joyful surroundings.